• Price: 3.100,00 € plus travel expenses
  • Up to 5 participants
  • 2 days
  • Individual appointments and schedule
  • All features of the software Umberto LCA+
  • By experienced LCA experts

In-house training Umberto LCA+

Based on a tutorial example you experience the functionalities of our software. Guided by our trainer you develop your own material flow network, together with material cost accounting and a basic life cycle analysis with use of ecoinvent 3 data or GaBi data. The confidential atmosphere also allows for addressing internal use cases.


  • Graphically modelling of a material flow network
  • Specification of material flows and calculation of networks
  • Making up balances of calculation results
  • Using Subnets
  • Display of Sankey diagramm
  • Scenario Comparison
  • Material flow Cost accounting: conventional and MFCA
  • Use of market prices and definition of cost types
  • Topics of LCA training
  • Introduction ecoinvent 3 or GaBi
  • Modeling a complete supply chain
  • Automated scenario analysis via Live Links with Microsoft Excel (new function)

The main topics can vary according to the participants' interests

Target group and prior knowledge

This training is designed for all process engineers, process owners and scientists who have to deal with material and energy flow analysis and rely on our powerful software tool to do so. There are no special requirements for this training.


After this in-house training you will be able to use the software for analyzing and modeling material and energy flows. Our trainers have long-term experience in both using the software and managing such projects and provides participants with all the information on a very practical and lively manner - for a optimal start working with the software.

General Terms and Conditions

Information on the general terms and conditions as well as the cancellation conditions for our trainings can be found here.