Integrated Solutions for Sustainability

Optimize resource efficiency and enviromental performance.


Our Solutions for Efficiency and Sustainability

Many tools and methods are available to optimize resource efficiency and environmental performance. Learn more about our solutions to advance sustainability and increase efficiency within your entire company here.

All about Resource Efficiency

Resource Efficiency

Resource efficiency describes the relationship between resource use and output and is becoming…

material flow analysis stoffstrommanagement header
Material Flow Analysis

A Material Flow Analysis (MFA) considers material flows and collects information regarding their…

material flow cost accounting mfca header
Material Flow Cost Accounting

Material flow cost accounting according to ISO 14051 is an instrument to identify the true costs of…


Eco-efficiency describes a key figure that defines the relationship between economic output (value…

All about Environmental Performance

environmental management umweltmanagement
Environmental Management

Environmental management serves to ensure sustainable environmental compatibility of products and…

Nachhaltige Produktion Sustainable production Header
Sustainable Production

Sustainable production secures the natural foundations of life for future generations

product carbon footprint header
Product Carbon Footprint

The Product Carbon Footprint is the most established method for determining the climate impact of a…

product environmental footprint pef header
Product Environmental Footprint

A Product Environmental Footprint is a new method for measuring sustainability performance developed…

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