• Price: 2790 € plus VAT
  • 5 company exclusive web sessions 90 minutes
  • Dates can be arranged individually
  • All features of the software Umberto 11
  • By experienced LCA experts

Corporate web training

Consists of 5 company exclusive web sessions 90 minutes each for up to 7 participants for an optimal start with Umberto. Dates can be arranged individually.

This training covers all basic features of Umberto 11. Guided by our trainer you develop your own material flow network for a basic life cycle assessment with use of ecoinvent 3 data based on a streamlined example for LCA automation.

The web training includes training material as an electronic document as well as a certificate of participation.



  • Methodological basics of life cycle assessment (LCA) following ISO 14040/44
  • Graphic modeling of a material flow network
  • Generic modelling (BOM-based) of complete product systems
  • Introduction to ecoinvent 3, linear modelling and working with datasets
  • Evaluation and results analysis including scenarios and comparisons
  • Modelling credits, recycling, and end-of-life

The main topics can vary according to the participants' interests


Hungry for more?


  • (Optional) Life Cycle Assessment Methodology Training (ISO 14040/44)
  • (Optional) Carbon Footprint of Products Methodology Training (ISO 14067)
  • (Optional) Corporate Carbon Footprint Methodology Training (ISO 14064)
  • (Optional) Material Flow Cost Accounting Methodology Training (ISO 14051)

Software Training

  • (Optional) Corporate Carbon Foot printing (CCF) with Umberto
  • (Optional) Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) with Umberto
  • (Optional) Life Cycle Costing (LCC) with Umberto
  • (Optional) Advanced Modelling with Umberto


Training notes

The participation in the training must be accomplished within one year after receipt of the invoice. After one year the entitlement for a training place expires. Pre-payment is required.
The training days will be confirmed after receipt of payment.


Do you have questions about the training formats or are you not sure which training is the right one for you?

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