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Life Cycle Workshop

Life Cycle Workshop

The upcoming Life Cycle Workshop will take place as part of the iPoint event "fw: transparency" on 26/27 June in Reutlingen.
The one-day interactive workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Improving environmental performance
  • CO2 balance and measures to reduce emissions
  • Life cycle assessments for assessing and reducing environmental impacts
  • Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

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The agenda will follow shortly.

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Productivity meets Sustainability

Impressions last Life Cycle Workshop

In accordance with the motto "Opening doors together & setting course for a more sustainable economy", the last Life Cycle Workshop in 2017 focused on the following topics:

  • Keynote: The way to the Digital Circular Economy (Jörg Walden, iPoint-systems gmbh)

  • Comparative Life Cycle Assessment in the Food Industry (Alexandra Opitz, Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences)

  • Environmental assessments in the processing phase - All influencing factors under control? (Daniela Weinand, Werkhaus Design + Produktion GmbH)

  • Direct marketing = climate-friendly!? Consumer influence on the "last dirty mile" in the distribution phase (Dr. Paul Lampert, Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University)

  • The Advance of the Electric Car: Fleets Go Green - Real Case Experiences and Impact on Environmental Impacts (Andreas Schiffleitner, iPoint-Austria GmbH)

  • Added value through waste! A case study based on Gate-to-Gate LCA for the production of cattle feed from orange peel waste (Alexander Knaus, REMONDIS Aqua (India) Private Ltd.)

  • Concept and Methods for End of Life Analysis (Victor Vladimirov, HOBAS Pipes International GmbH)

  • Strategy for the right data selection for a life cycle assessment (Marten Stock, ifu Hamburg)

  • Video presentation: Increasing the internal use of life cycle information for decision-making - experiences at GE (Bill Flanagan and Angela Fisher, General Electric, USA)

  • The future of LCA (Jan Hedemann, ifu Hamburg GmbH)
Life Cycle Workshop

Afternoon Tracks Workshop 2017

Track A: Improve environmental performance - Getting started

  • Do's and Dont's on a CO2 balance (Martin Ramacher, ifu Hamburg)
  • How do I prepare CO2 balances for services? (Dr. Aleksandra Drewko, Freelance Consultant)
  • Procedure for the preparation of an environmental product declaration (Moritz Bühner, FRITZ EGGER GmbH & Co. OG)

Track B: Insights for Umberto users and exchange of experiences

  • Top10 Umberto features that make your work easier

  • Recycling modeling and feedback loops in Umberto (Marten Stock, ifu Hamburg GmbH)

This is what workshop participants say

Life Cycle Workshop

"We were involved with the topic in a pilot project when we received the invitation to the Life Cycle Workshop. It was very helpful that open problems were addressed, and solutions were presented at the workshop. We were asking ourselves exactly these questions: How do you get suitable data sets? Are all data well maintained? How can we check that?
I also really liked the open workshop atmosphere, so that we could easily get into conversation with each other. This is probably due to the fact that the topic is relatively new and there are no established ways of thinking or structures yet".

Bianka Engelmann, EHS Manager and Waste Management, Wago Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

CO2 Berechnungen zu erstellen

"I was particularly interested in the CO2 analyses today. We want to find out whether it is possible to create CO2 calculations for our customers based on an existing Umberto model. If, for example, we have created an energy balance for a company, we would like to develop an LCA model from it and draw the CO2 calculation from the energy evaluation. It is very inspiring for me to find out how other companies use the LCA software, because each user approaches the use of Umberto in their own way and shows the different possibilities that the software offers."

Kenneth Buch, Energy engineer, SI Energi & Klima

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