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Life Cycle Workshop

Participants of Life Cycle Workshop 2019

On 26 June 2019, more than 50 participants from various lines of business gathered at the Stadthalle Reutlingen to discuss topics surrounding the life cycle perspective.
In accordance with the main theme of the Life Cycle Workshop, "Transparency requires a life cycle perspective", the following topics were covered in the interactive workshop program:

  • Taking a life cycle perspective according to ISO 14001 to improve environmental performance
  • Sustainability in the field of electromobility and aviation
  • Life Cycle Assessments for assessing and reducing environmental impacts
  • Circular Economy and Circular Business Models

Are you interested in the contents of the workshop? The presentations of the speakers are now available for download in pdf format.

Download presentations

Video footage of the presentations

You are interested in the topics of the Life Cycle Workshop, but could not participate in the event yourself? In this case we have good news for you: A large part of the program was filmed professionally this year.

You can now watch the video recordings of the lectures free of charge. This way you won't miss any important information or entertaining anecdotes that might have slipped by just reading the presentations.

▶ Watch the videos

Secure your space now: Life Cycle Workshop 2021

The next Life Cycle Workshop will take place in 2021. If you already know that you would like to attend the event (again), please send us an e-mail. This will guarantee that you will receive an exclusive invitation to the event in good time.

Interactive World Café at Life Cycle Workshop 2019

Summary of the day

We have summarized an overview of the most interesting insights of the Life Cycle Workshop 2019 and an excerpt of the most important points and findings of the presentations in a short article for you.

If you are interested, you can download it here: ► Read article

Insights at Life Cycle Workshop

Review Life Cycle Workshop 2017

Kurs nehmen auf eine nachhaltigere Wirtschaft

The Life Cycle Workshop 2017 took place on September 21st in Hamburg under the motto ‘’Opening doors together & setting course for a more sustainable economy’’.

During the last Life Cycle Workshop, 60 participants from industry, consulting, research and development exchanged ideas on sustainability topics.

All approved presentations from 2017 are available for download. Please note that the presentations are available in German only.

Download presentations

This is what workshop participants say

Life Cycle Workshop

"The workshop was very helpful to exchange ideas with other companies and participants: What do others do in the area of sustainability? Where do we stand? What experiences can we learn from each other? The manifold use of the LCA software and the connection with data management systems, especially the outlook on how this could be made even more efficient in the future, was particularly interesting for me at the workshop. After all, an LCA is currently still significantly characterized by the effort involved in collecting data. In order to be able to evaluate a wider range of products and services with regard to sustainability in the future, we need automation solutions that take into account the requirements of all participants and set the right signals already in the innovation process."

Elena Wege, Corporate Research & Advance Engineering, Robert Bosch GmbH

CO2 Berechnungen zu erstellen

"With the Life Cycle Workshop, ifu Hamburg has created an important forum that combines concrete case studies with exciting impulses. With my presentation on the advantages of reusable packaging in automotive logistics, I had the wonderful opportunity to help shape the programme and get direct feedback on my work. All in all, the selection of topics established a successful connection between practice, science and the future development of LCA and sustainability. What I found particularly positive was the friendly atmosphere, which invited me to engage in conversation outside the presentations. This exchange showed me above all that users of LCA face different challenges. For me, therefore, creative approaches on the way to comprehensible results are needed."

Timo Galitz, Customer Solutions Europe, CHEP Automotive and Industrial Solutions

The workshop program 2019

This year' s program consisted of many exciting presentations revolving around the life cycle perspective. Due to the high international interest in the topic, the workshop was held in English.

  • Introduction: Product and process transparency hand in hand | Martina Prox, ifu Hamburg

  • Taking a life cycle perspective according to ISO 14001 - Strategic and operational challenges in practice | Mladen Boskic, Doppelmayr Seilbahnen

  • Does an LCA reveal green lies? Experiences from different case studies | Marten Stock, ifu Hamburg

  • Comparative LCA for reusable and one-way packaging in automotive supply chains | Timo Galitz, CHEP Automotive and Industrial Solutions

  • Life Cycle Assessment & Life Cycle Costing as enabler for Circular Economy Strategies | Elena Wege, Robert Bosch

  • Electric mobility - The sustainable solution? | Dr.-Ing. Kirsten Biemann, ifeu - Institut für Energie- und Umweltforschung Heidelberg

  • Sustainability in the aerospace sector - Insights in the Airbus LCA project | Vincent Ackenhausen, Altran Deutschland

  • World Café „Transparency requires a life cycle perspective“
    * Digitalization: LCA & Blockchain
       Ivo Mersiowsky, Quiridium & Jan Hedemann, ifu Hamburg
    * Transparency challenges with focus on ISO 14001
       Mladen Boskic, Doppelmayr & Simon Schnabel, ifu Hamburg
    * Good practices - Transparency through LCA
       Jessica Andreasson, Volvo & Martina Prox, ifu Hamburg
    Linking Resource efficiency and LCA
       Moderation: Julia Schindler, INEC &
    Patrick Lenard, ifu Hamburg
    * Transparency of Life Cycle Inventory data
       Kirsten Biemann, ifeu & Marten Stock, ifu Hamburg
    * Umberto Experience Exchange
       Vincent Ackenhausen, Altran & Johann Peters, ifu Hamburg

  • How Digitalization will improve access and use of life cycle information | Jan Hedemann, ifu Hamburg

  • Panel discussion “Role of a life cycle perspective for a sustainable Circular Economy” | Moderation: Martina Prox, ifu Hamburg
    Jessica Andreasson, Volvo
    Andreas Kröhling, Deutsche Telekom
    Dr. Katrin Ostertag, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research
Life Cycle Workshop

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