• Price: 1.700,00 € plus travel expenses
  • Up to 5 participants
  • One day training
  • Individual appointments and schedule
  • All features of the software e!Sankey
  • By experienced software experts

e!Sankey in-house training

The in-house training covers the same topics as a public e!Sankey training. However, in the exclusive setting at your premises the group can talk about data more freely, and your individual questions and use scenarios can be discussed more privately.


The following topics will be addressed in the training:

  • Explanation of software interface
  • First steps of drawing a new Sankey diagram
  • Adapting and option settings for arrows and processes
  • Adapting arrow design
  • Using images and icons for processes, incl. padding function
  • Entering data and choosing units
  • Application of templates
  • Using Live Link to Microsoft Excel
  • Exporting and printing of Sankey diagrams

Additionally, we will try to answer all of your personal question within the training.

Target group and prior knowledge

The versatility of the software conditions that this training addresses several different branches and users. It is especially suited for all who are interested in visualizing cost, material and energy flows (e. g. energy consultants, process owners etc.).

Our trainers explain all features of the software, thus, no special knowledge is required.


For a quick start and a comprehensive usage of all software features we lay the foundations. Participants will be able to create meaningful and well structured Sankey diagrams. This not only enriches your daily work and your own understanding, but also leads to a better communicating of relations and possible measures for increasing the efficiency for instance.