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Sustainability consulting & management

Sustainability consulting & management

Intense global competition and demanding cost regimes create difficult challenges for many companies. Effective sustainability consulting can secure your competitive advantage and help build your company's long-term success. Would you like to discuss how you can optimize your sustainability strategy?


Your advantage through sustainability consulting

Evaluations by financial analysts show that a sustainable corporate strategy and resulting sustainability practices are key to securing the long-term success of companies. In addition, limited resources and increasing prices for raw materials dictate for many industries whether they can remain competitive in the global arena. More than ever, efficiency is critical and the simple formula is to achieve more with less.

Do you know the relevant key sustainability data for your business? Are you already concerned with resource efficiency?

Benefit now from our holistic sustainability consulting services.

sustainability consulting by ifu Hamburg

Energy and resource efficiency consulting

Increase your competitive edge with an energy and efficiency analysis. Learn more

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LCA consulting

Take advantage of a Life Cycle Assessment to achieve more sustainability for your business and the environment. Learn more

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Carbon footprint consulting

The path to effective climate protection starts with analyzing your company's product or corporate carbon footprint. Learn more

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An initial workshop to identify potential savings

Using a workshop at your place of business, our consultants will jointly analyze your present situation and find out how you can best achieve your sustainability goals. Learn more

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How our consultants enable your sustainable business

Sustainability will become even more important in the future. With the right consultant for corporate sustainability at your side, you can winnow out the important key data and immediately start making the relevant changes. Set your course now to successfully navigate tomorrow's challenges.

Hands-on environmental services: planning with a vision

Our sustainability consulting services are personal, customized, fair, transparent, and partnership-based. As your competent partner we offer valuable services & solutions tailored to your specific needs. We can manage complete projects, build your in-house know-how through project monitoring or special training, or supply just the right software tool adapted to your specific needs.

The importance of experience: we know what counts

The road to sustainability can be very rocky. But you don't have to make all the same mistakes of the past – just rely on our more than 25 years of experience as the sustainability experts. Sustainability management and resource efficiency are second nature to our consultants. Based on our methodical expertise, we've developed our off-the-shelf Umberto software to put the right sustainability tools at your fingertips.

Our know-how is the benefit of our clients.

Here's what our client Victor Vladimirov says:

Here's what our client Victor Vladimirov says:

"Ifu Hamburg GmbH offers top consulting services, and gives me much more than ‘just the results’. I like the sense of familiarity that working with a small company provides. I can get in touch at any time and rely on always getting a quick answer. This saves me a lot of time, money, and nerves. I have recommended ifu Hamburg to several close business contacts and will do so again in the future!”

Victor Vladimirov, Environmental and Energy Management, HOBAS Engineering GmbH, Austria

Our LCA Software

Our LCA Software

Are you looking for an off-the-shelf software for life cycle assessments or to increase production efficiency? Based on our methodical and extensive expertise, we've developed the Umberto product family for just that purpose.

ifu Expert News

Monthly whitepaper, best practice examples etc. on sustainable production

Implementing sustainable production with the Institute for Environmental IT

What is sustainability management?

In the second half of the 20th century it became apparent that increasing economic activities was leading to scarcities of resources, higher energy consumption and pollution of the environment. Consequently, protecting our natural ecosystems was recognized as a prerequisite for a functioning economy. By introducing sustainability, responsibility for the environmental aspects of production was integrated into the overall concept of business and daily operative work. On a political level, sustainability was defined not only as an intact environment, but also by the level of social awareness and the stability of the economy. This integrated approach was also applied to management practices. Thus, it includes concepts and methods that not only meet today's environmental challenges, but social and economic challenges as well.

A key corporate strategy outlines how an enterprise reacts to the specific challenges presented by its overall business environment. A sustainability analysis takes stock of the present state a business is in and forms the basis for deriving a variety of options for improvement. The focus of the analysis is dependent on the company's line of business as well as other basic parameters including the activities of the business itself, the value-add chain, the customers, and all other stakeholders. 

Measures for improving sustainability management

A business can face a wide variety of sustainability challenges, all having a range of possible measures to create improvement: Increasing energy and material efficiency can have positive impacts on both ecological and economic outcomes. By either initiating or intensifying cooperation with suppliers, you can help optimize the overall environmental impact reduction possible for your product. Or you can launch a stewardship project, which can have a positive, long-term influence on production conditions in other countries.

Sustainability reporting allows companies to make their sustainability activities more transparent. A company's sustainable management process can be certified under ISO14001 and/or EMAS standards.

ifu Hamburg's sustainability consulting supports many of the different aspects of sustainability management. We can help you to investigate key sustainability figures based on the specific needs of your business and to develop innovative concepts for how to improve your sustainability performance.

By becoming engaged in sustainability you contribute to the solution of a global challenge, while at the same time growing your competitive advantages.