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With our software tools Umberto & e!Sankey and our expertise in sustainability consulting and research we offer powerful solutions for today's major challenges. Learn more about our products and services in detail:

Product Information

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Visualizing energy and material flows

Why not visualize material, energy, and cost flows within your business in simple but effective Sankey diagrams? It‘s easy to incorporate these appealing and effective graphics in your presentations and reports. e!Sankey is the most popular software for creating Sankey diagrams with over 10,000 users worldwide.

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Software for resource efficiency

By modeling all material and energy flows - including their costs -, Umberto Efficiency+ will never miss a potential opportunity for boosting your production process efficiency. Take advantage of the No. 1 software for material flow analysis and optimize your production processes while also saving resources at the same time.

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Software for Life Cycle Assessment

Umberto LCA+ is an all-round talent and the only Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software with an integrated cost perspective. Depending on your goal, you can use the software to increase resource efficiency, conduct LCAs, calculate Carbon Footprints or combine both perspectives in a Life Cycle Costing approach.

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Sustainability consulting

Our consultants will guide your quest to gain greater efficiency and better environmental performance, whether you’re seeking to reduce material and energy demands, lower costs, or decrease environmental impacts. This informational overview will introduce you to our basic consulting approach.

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Case Studies

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Case studies on CO2 balances and LCAs

Umberto can be used to determine either climate impact (CO2 balance) or the overall environmental impacts (LCA) of a product in a wide variety of industrial areas. Using individual case studies, we will show you how companies like BRITA and Fujitsu have successfully mastered these challenges.

Case studies overview

Case studies on resource efficiency

One possible production process optimization goal is to reduce resource consumption. Our case studies show how this concept is being applied to in various industries like for example the chemical industry and Europe‘s largest offset printing operation.

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Webinars & Presentations

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Here you can find upcoming webinars as well as recordings of past webinars regarding life cycle assessment and resoure efficiency.

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Presentation Downloads

You can download the slides of various speeches held by our sustainability experts at events in Germany and abroad here.

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iPoint Expert News on Sustainability

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