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Below you will find a list of webinars that our colleagues have given on environmental and resource efficiency topics. All webinars listed on this website are available for free streaming.

Some of our webinars were only held in German.

Please note: ifu Hamburg became iPoint-systems.

Webinars on Environmental Topics

5 Must-haves of an LCA Software

This webinar shows the five most important success factors in Life Cycle Assessment and how you can implement them in the popular LCA software Umberto.

Among others, the webinar will show how to graphically model a screening LCA and how to select suitable LCI databases using practical examples.


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Webinars on Efficiency Topics

Webinars on Efficiency Topics

10 Success Factors for Implementing MFCA

Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) is a perfect step to achieve maximum resource efficiency in production processes. In this one-hour webinar, Martina Prox explains how manufacturing companies can increase their material efficiency through material flow cost accounting.

As a member of the ISO 14051 (standardization of MFCA) working group, Martina has committed herself to material efficiency and MFCA as a measure to achieve this for many years.


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