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material flows and software by ifu Hamburg

Integrating Sustainability and Productivity

Our perfectly fitting software solutions analyze and optimize your
material and energy flows. Our portfolio:

  • Energy Efficiency and Resource Efficiency
  • LCA and Carbon Footprinting
  • Carbon Management and Sustainability Management
  • Environmental Information Systems

Life cycle assessment

Software Solution for Life Cycle Assessment, Eco-Efficiency Analysis or Carbon Footprints

Consultants, companies and scientists worldwide rely on the software Umberto in LCA, Eco Efficiency analysis or even carbon footprinting. They have realized the connection between sustainability and productivity is best supported by our solutions.

Sankey Diagrams the easy way with software by ifu Hamburg

Create Process Maps and Visualize Material Flows with No. 1 Software for Sankey Diagrams

Save time – it's easy to create Sankey diagrams for material, energy and cost flows. With e!Sankey, you can also adapt your diagrams to your requirements in no time.



  • ifu Hamburg consulting

    To achieve a sustainable production is one of your company objectives? Then you have already taken the first step!
    We offer consulting services and trainings to support you in reaching that goal.

  • ifu Hamburg standard software

    For more than 20 years we are engaged with the optimization of production systems in regard to efficiency and environmental impacts. Based on this expertise we have developed the standard software tools Umberto NXT and e!Sankey.

  • ifu Hamburg software development

    We develop software solutions which are a perfect match for our clients. From customizing Umberto and e!Sankey to the integration into SAP - we are standing by to give you the best assistance.


  • About our Blog

    Are you interested in topics like life cycle assessment, carbon footprinting, energy management or life cycle engineering? If so we recommmend our Blog. We would like you not only to read but to discuss as well. Thus, we invite you to comment on our articles from your perspective and your experiences.


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