Locations of our partners

Our partners: Take advantage of their competence on site

We also offer fast on-site service for companies operating worldwide. For this purpose we have established partnerships with consulting firms in numerous countries, who will be pleased to be at your disposal as competent consulting contacts.

If your country is not included in this list, please contact ifu Hamburg GmbH in Germany directly.

Our partner: ACV Brasil

Brasil: ACV Brasil

Influencing social development - this was the reason for a group of researchers from the technical and environmental sciences to set up ACV Brasil.

Through process productivity studies and analysis for better use of natural resources, the company contributes to a fair and sustainable society and a greener future.

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Our partner: CEIFAcoop

Portugal: CEIFAcoop

The Centre of Environmental Studies, Information and Education, CEIFA for short, was founded in 2000 with the aim of supporting sustainable development projects through entrepreneurial activities.

The range of activities includes integrated resource and waste management, regional sustainability development, advising industry on environmental management issues and training.

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Our partner: EVEA S.A.S.

France: EVEA S.A.S.

As a company, EVEA specialises in life cycle assessment and product eco-design. Expertise in software solutions is complemented by marketing and strategy services.



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Our partner: GAIA Servicios Ambientales

Colombia: GAIA Servicios Ambientales

GAIA Servicios Ambientales is an environmental services company based in Colombia.

Its broad range of services includes all key environmental consulting services: Life Cycle Assessment, Resource Efficiency, Carbon and Water Footprinting.

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Our Partner: IXON Technology

Taiwan: IXON Technology

IXON Technology Co, Ltd, founded in 1991, provides software solutions as well as support and training to customers in Taiwan.

In addition, IXON supports its customers in the implementation of projects.

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Our Partner: SEAmbiental

Mexico: SEAmbiental

The Umberto partner from Mexico, SEAmbiental, S.A. de C.V., works for various companies in Mexico.


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Umberto Cooperation

Umberto Competence Center

We have concluded cooperation agreements with selected universities and colleges that have proven Umberto know-how. These Umberto Competence Centers (UCCs) are institutions that use Umberto in research and teaching, but are also active in practical projects with industrial partners.

The Umberto Competence Centers are contacts for other universities and companies dealing with material flow management. They place interns and diploma students with Umberto knowledge and participate in research and development projects that involve specific adaptation or expansion of Umberto.

Our Partner: University of Applied Sciences

Trier - University of Applied Sciences

The Umberto Competence Center of the Trier University of Applied Sciences is located at the Institut für angewandtes Stoffstrommanagement (IfaS). Umberto has been successfully used there as a software solution for several years.

Research projects include the analysis of operational material flows and the implementation of life cycle assessments. As an interface between academic training and practical application, the  Environmental Campus assigns interns, Bachelor's and Master's theses and is available as a contact for methodological and conceptual questions.

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Our partner: TU Braunschweig

TU Braunschweig

The "Institut für Fertigungsmaschinen und Werkzeugstechnik" (IWF) at the TU Braunschweig stands for efficiency in production. The institute uses the Umberto software as an instrument in research and teaching. The cooperation was already established in 2008.

In particular, the Product and Life Cycle Management department uses the software to model, calculate and visualize material, energy and cost flows. In addition to such research and practical projects, the UCC TU Braunschweig also offers final theses in the field of LCA and material flow analysis.

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Our partner: HTW Berlin

HTW Berlin

The Umberto Competence Center in the German capital is jointly operated by the HTW and the ifu Hamburg and is supported by the course of studies in Business Environmental Informatics.

The activities of the Competence Center range from research & development to practical application in concrete projects with partners from industry to use in teaching. At the same time, the Center is concerned with establishing and promoting thematically related networks.

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Our Partner: Universität Bremen

Universität Bremen

Department 10: Technology Design and Technology Development in the Department of Production Engineering at the University of Bremen has been part of the Umberto Competence Center since May 2011.

The department supports the use of Umberto in teaching, research and the writing of diploma, bachelor or master theses. The application areas cover the entire potential of the software, e.g. material flow modelling, resource efficiency analyses or the preparation of CO2 balances.

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