cm.chemicals life cycle data by Carbon Minds
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  • 200+ regions per chemical product
  • Suitable for ISO 14040/14044 life cycle assessment studies.
  • High comparability due to uniform methodology
  • TÜV certified with permanent quality inspection
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cm.chemicals LCA database in Umberto

cm.chemicals is a large-scale life-cycle inventory (LCI) data set for chemicals and plastics. Backed by a consistent methodology, cm.chemicals covers up to 1200 chemicals and plastics. It was built and is updated annually by Cologne-based LCA data provider Carbon Minds. Our LCA Software Umberto is one of the few tools which integrates cm.chemicals.

cm.chemicals provides production and consumption mixes, as well as all major technology routes, for 78 large-volume chemicals and 92 plastics for 200+ geographically regions. For the full choice of 1200 chemicals, data-on-demand is available.

Chemical groups included

cm.chemicals data packages contain the following major chemical groups:

Organic chemicals

  • Ethylene-based chemicals
  • Propylene-based chemicals
  • C4-based chemicals
  • Metanol-based chemicals
  • Benzene-based chemicals
  • Toluene-based chemicals
  • Xylene-based chemicals
  • Other organic chemicals

Inorganic chemicals



cm.chemicals data-on-demand covers 1200 chemicals. Contact us to see if your chemicals are covered.

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The Global Hectare - Ecological Footprint

Regions included

All cm.chemicals data packages contain aggregated LCI datasets for production and consumption mixes in the 7 major global production regions:

  • China
  • USA
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • European Average
  • Global Average

The Technology Insights package also contains the major production technologies.

The Global Insights package contains production and consumption mixes, major production technologies, and all world regions (200+).

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