• Integrate your GaBi databases in Umberto
  • Built on primary industry data
  • According to ISO 14044, ISO 14064, and ISO 14025
  • Regularly audited in close collaboration with DEKRA

GaBi LCA databases in Umberto

The ecoinvent Centre in Switzerland and Sphera Solutions (GaBi) offer background databases for life cycle assessment. The GaBi databases and the ecoinvent database are the market leaders in this field.

Umberto LCA+ is one of the few life cycle assessment tools in which both databases can be integrated as standard.

GaBi databases in Umberto LCA+ provide you with a great variety of data sets for your LCA projects. All datasets are in accordance with the ISO 14044, ISO 14064, and ISO 14025 international standards.

You would like to learn more about the GaBi databases and the use for your life cycle assessment project? You would like to use GaBi databases within the software Umberto? Just contact us, we are happy to advise you!

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Highlights of GaBi databases

  • Several thousand Life Cycle Inventory datasets are available in Umberto LCA+
  • All data sets are developed in accordance with ISO 14044 (Life Cycle Analysis), ISO 14064 (Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Organizations), and ISO 14025 (Environmental Product Declaration) standards
  • The GaBi databases are regularly audited in close collaboration with DEKRA
  • A reliable basis for strategic decision making
LCIA methods

Available methods for life cycle impact assessment

The GaBi databases come with integrated, up-to-date methods for life cycle impact assessments (LCIA). For the most commonly used methods, the data sets from the GaBi and ecoinvent databases are already linked, making their joint use for assessments possible. The process retains full transparency concerning the data's origins.


  • CML 2001 (April 2013)
  • EDIP 2003
  • Impact 2002+
  • New impacts ILCD recommendation
  • ReCiPe 1.08
  • TRACI 2.1
  • USEtox
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Which databases do I need?

The GaBi databases in Umberto are divided into activity oriented groups. The basis is the "Professional database" with the possibility to use thematic "Extension databases" additionally. In Umberto you can use any combination of the GaBi databases. In the following you will find an overview of the available databases with a short description of the contained data.

Professional database
Standard database, which includes a large number of processes and plans, predominantly cradle-to-gate, as well as parameterized unit processes, among others from the fields of (in)organic chemicals, metals, production technologies, disposal processes, etc.

Extension database: Organic intermediates
Basic products of industrial synthesis (e.g. methanol, formaldehyde), oxidation products of ethylene (e.g. ethylene oxide), alcohols, components for polyamides (e.g. adipic Acid, caprolactam, hexamethylene diamine), conversion products of propene (e.g. acrylonitrile, acetone, epichlorohydrin, bisphenol A), aromatics and conversion products of benzene (e.g. BTX, ethylbenzene, styrene, cumene, cyclohexane, MSA), oxidation products of xylene (e.g. phthalic anhydride, dimethyl terephthalate)

Extension database: Inorganic intermediates
Hydrogen, nitric acid, hydrocyanic acid, ammonia and many more

Extension database: Energy
Natural gas, power, hard coal, crude oil, lignite mixes from different countries, thermal energy from steam, crude oil, natural gas from several countries and many more

Extension database: Steel
Includes 22 frequently used steel alloys

Extension database: Aluminum
Primary and secondary ingots, extrusion profiles, aluminum sheets

Extension database: Non-ferrous metals
Titanium, cadmium, nickel, copper, manganese, high and low carbon ferro-chrome and others

Extension database: Precious metals
Includes silver, silver mix, gold, rhodium, platinum, palladium and others

Extension database: Plastics
Mass plastics (e.g. PE with various densities, PP, PS), vinyl polymers (e.g. PVC, PVAL), technical plastics (e.g. ABS, PMMA, PTFE), polyamide (e.g. PA 6, PA 6.6, PA 6.12), special plastics (e.g. PPS, PEEK, SMA)

Extension database: Coatings
Various solvent, powder and water coats, slurry clear coat, plans for the modelling of automotive and industrial coating

Extension database: End of life
Granulators, landfill, incineration, dynamic process models

Extension database: Manufacturing
Machining, riveting, deep drawing, grinding, molding, laser cutting, galvanization

Extension database: Electronics
Assembly lines, coil, diodes, ICs, PWBs, solder pastes, capacitors, transistors, LED SMDs, resistors, ring core coils, FR4 substrates, thermistors and others

Extension database: Renewable raw materials
Fertilizers & pesticides, tractors & passes, agricultural equipment, industrial intermediate products, different crops like corn, wheat, hemp, flax, rape seat, soybean, and many more. The database also contains several industrial intermediate products for e.g. producing Biopolymers or fuels.

Extension database: ecoinvent integrated
The latest release of the ecoinvent LCI database contains new, revised and updated datasets as well as improved representations of supply chains. The ecoinvent integrated extension database contains aggregated and unit process data sets for various products and processes.

Extension database: Construction materials
Additives, glue, concrete, mortar, plaster, paints, lightweight aggregate concrete, brick, foam mortar, lime sand brick, building slabs, wood, insulating material, heat insulating bonding systems, metals, plastics, windows, lighting and plumbing, heating and ventilation, elevators and many more. Compliant and modularized for use under EN 15804.

Extension database: Textile finishing
Pre-treatment (dry processes such as singeing, or wet processes like desizing, bleaching and scouring), dyeing and/or printing (e.g. acids, cationic, direct, disperse, and reactive dyes), finishing, fabrics

Extension database: Seat covers
Leather, PET fabric, cutting and sewing, synthetic leather, non-woven fabric

Extension database: Full U.S. database
A multitude of cradle-to-gate inventories and plans for commonly used materials, energy supplies and transportation systems with U.S. boundary conditions.

Extension database: NREL U.S. LCI integrated
This free database contains a large variety of processes and plans integrated from NREL’s U.S. LCI Database project.

Extension database: Bioplastics
The database contains datasets for bioplastics from different sources, e.g. sugar cane, corn, wheat etc. as well as various recycling plans. Geographical Coverage for Germany, US and Europe (EU-28). Enables modelling of the complete life cycle of biopolymer materials. Recycling processes are available as parameterized and fully adjustable plan systems.

Extension database: Food & Feed
The database includes processes and plans representing the most commonly used food and feed products in different geographical regions:

  • Crops and animals, e.g. corn, tapioca, rapeseeds, beef, sheep
  • Manufacturing of food products (incl. dairy, starch, and grain mill products, sugar, meat, chocolate, animal feed, vegetable and animal oils, etc.) and by-products
  • European production and import mixes for major commodities like sugar beet, rapeseed, corn, soybeans and wheat
  • Different allocations
  • Direct land use change information following the approach “weighted average” as required for the ENVIFOOD protocol for complete GHG calculations.

Extension database: Carbon Composites
The database contains a multitude of processes based on industry data, many of which are unit processes, with the most common manufacturing and processing technologies in different geographical regions. Contains, among others, data sets for the production of carbon fibers (CF) and for the production of components made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRP)