Umberto Case Studies on resource efficiency & process optimization

How is resource efficiency implemented in practice? And how can processes be optimized already in their planning phase? Learn some possible answers to these questions in the best practice examples below. Here you will find a collection of case studies on resource efficiency and process optimization.

Case Study MFCA Junker

Reducing the use of resources in textile filter systems through MFCA

How can resource efficiency be increased in the industrial filter production? The material flow cost analysis (MFCA) of the ZERO Design product line is intended to show whether, where and how resources can be saved in the production process.

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Uncovering the causes of phantom bookings through MFCA

How can transparency be increased in a highly complex production process? This question was the reason for the automotive supplier RONAL GROUP to carry out a Material Flow Cost Analysis (MFCA) with the help of the Umberto Software in its light alloy wheel production.

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resource efficiency SWU special yarns

Increased efficiency through higher purchase price

How can a textile company increase its turnover and save raw materials without investing in new equipment or losing the quality of its products? By using Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA), a feature of Umberto, the experts at ifu Hamburg helped industrial yarn manufacturer SWU Special Yarns find a surprising answer to this question.

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Resource efficiency Fischerwerke

Efficiency increase in low-loss

As part of the EFFIMA support program, ifu Hamburg consultants used material flow cost accounting (MFCA) to show the fischer group of companies optimization potential in the new production process. By comparing different scenarios, it was possible to identify opportunities for increasing efficiency even in the already low-loss production.

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process optimization m+w group

Construction of Semiconductor

The worldwide operating M+W Group was looking for a tool for process and facility planning for the construction of Semiconductor Fabs. With Umberto a scalable and customizable model for calculating costs of semiconductor fabs in the design, construction, and operations stages was developed.

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case study arcade engineering

Analysis and Planning of Ultra Pure Water Facilities

Arcade Engineering, an engineering company and plant manufacturer from Germany, uses Umberto in facility planning projects. In the project described in this success story, capacity limitations of ultra pure water facilities in a semiconductor plant were analysed. By using the software Umberto the planning became speedier and led to adaptations.

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case study Ciba

Process Optimization in the Chemical Industry

Ciba Specialty Chemicals (now BASF Schweiz AG) is a leading chemical company. The company used Umberto to optimize processes. By using the method of ECO engineering potentials for system optimizations and savings are systematically identified.

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case stduy Efficient Waste Treatment with Umberto

Efficient Waste Treatment
with Umberto

Der Grüne Punkt (the Green Dot) - das Duales System Deutschland (DSD), applies Umberto for an overall analysis of energy and material flows. This analysis goes beyond focusing on the actual state in includes scenario calculations and sustainability evaluations.

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