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Eco-efficiency – economic and ecological evaluation

An eco-efficiency analysis (i.e., the combination of cost and environmental perspectives) uncovers the synergies between efficiency and sustainability improvements. Increasing efficiency is just the first step, though. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve both economic and environmental efficiency. In other words, to design process and product innovations so that they support a sustainable economic strategy.

Umberto NXT Universal lets you realize eco-efficiency in your business in a very tangible way. It helps you reach your loss reduction targets and increases your competitive edge so you can take full control of and responsibility for your products.

Highlights of our software for eco-efficiency

Consider cost and environmental impacts for an eco-efficiency analysis

Cost and environmental effects within a system

An eco-efficiency analysis is based on a material and energy flow analysis. The resulting flow model supplies the quantitative basis for systematic decision-making. Umberto NXT Universal combines all the functionalities of Umberto NXT LCA and Umberto NXT Efficiency in one application.

Depending on your perspective and goal, you can utilize Umberto NXT Universal to:

  • calculate Carbon Footprints
  • conduct Life Cycle Assessments (LCA's) with integrated cost analysis
  • optimize your production system by generating material and energy flow analyses
  • perform Life Cycle Costing (LCC)

Integration of pre-existing primary data

You‘ve already gathered data for your LCA in Microsoft Excel? Great! – then you‘ve already accomplished the first step.

Our Live Link connection lets you link cell data from Microsoft Excel with your Umberto model. Any data changes within the Excel worksheet, such as production volumes or material use, automatically updates the data within Umberto NXT LCA. We also offer customized options for interfacing with other tools like SAP or other systems.

Feel free to ask us about it!

Try our software for eco-efficiency

Just download your free trial version of our Umberto NXT Universal Software. You can test it for 14 days and start with a first analysis of your eco-efficiency.

Different LCA databases can be used in the software

A factor for success: integrated LCA databases

The software can calculate full-scale Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), making use of the ecoinvent and GaBi databases to supply the background data. This choice of databases means you'll always have the most suitable data at your fingertips.

More about the databases

Are you looking for an initial and quick estimate of the environmental impacts? With a "screening LCA" you can minimizes the required effort, complexity, and data collection. It only takes the main materials used in a product into consideration and Global Warming Potential (GWP) values are used for the calculation. The so called “ecological rucksack” of the material already incorporates upstream and downstream chains using global averages. This allows a quick overview and helps to identify hot spots that should be investigated in more detail.

Compare and evaluate improvement measures for increasing the eco-efficiency

Solid decisions through quantification

In Umberto NXT Universal you start with a detailed look at the present state by identifying the system's hot spots and recognizing potential risks. You can then derive options and strategies for the improvements needed to attain your goals. Is it reducing costs or CO2 emissions, or perhaps both? Umberto lets you identify the ideal mix of actions to best achieve your targets.

The software lets you run through various scenarios in terms of technological, legal, market, price, and demand development in relation to costs and environmental criteria. This capability allows you to achieve greater planning security and systematically effective decisions.

Visualization using Sankey diagrams fosters the system understanding and innovation

Sankey diagrams foster innovation

Innovation grows out of dialogs that go beyond the constraints of departments or sometimes even whole businesses. But to bring about change, you first have to convince all the involved parties, whether its colleagues or supervisors. The graphic Umberto models can easily present and communicate all relevant parameters and interrelationships. So everyone is on the same page when it comes to a comprehensive systems understanding.

Tip: Of course, you can easily export all results to Microsoft Excel or create a print-ready image file.

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Calculate LCAs and investigate your costs

Example: Efficient Waste Treatment

Example: Efficient Waste Treatment

The Green Dot (leading provider of take-back systems) annually presents the overall environmental performance with the help of Umberto. In addition to setting up the overall inventory for a complex material flow system, the software makes the data accessible for environmental and economic analysis.

„It is my task to systematically and scientifically analyze material cycles,  identify optimization potential, and present the results to  our corporate clients.  Umberto helps me with all these tasks. I benefit from the flexibility of the software and its features every day.“

Dr. Jörg Nispel, The Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research, Germany

Everything starts with good advice

Everything starts with good advice

Personal contact, open communication channels, and dependable service: that's how we like to work with you. Our goal is to support your project based on the priorities you've set to reach the best possible outcome – together.

Umberto software trainings

Umberto software trainings

We would like to give you the best start for working with Umberto. That is why regular software trainings take place, where the software is explained in depth. Here you can find an overview of the next dates. You can even choose between a public training in Hamburg, an in-house or a web training.

Further features of our eco-efficiency software at a glance

What are my options when using Umberto NXT Universal modeling?

  • Life cycle phases as graphic elements, adjustable in number and name
  • Linear and non-linear process specifications
  • Process specifications with user-defined functions allow the creation of realistic models by integrating technical knowledge of the processes
  • Freely defined parameters
  • Hierarchical modeling structure
  • Copy & paste and undo & redo functions are both fully available
  • Save partial models in the module gallery for later reuse
  • Integrate inventories and inventory changes
  • Export and Import of Linear Specifications as Excel file in the form of an aggregated input/output table
  • processes programmatically using the Python programming language (e.g. scripting)


What kind of reports can i generate to display analysis and results?

  • Mass and energy balances for the entire system as well as custom-defined sub-systems
  • Analysis based on processes, products, flows, and on variable thresholds
  • Display cost analysis in tables or graphs
  • Export to Excel of all analyses, LCIAs, and costs results
  • Sankey diagrams of total costs, cost of individual products, or of product unit costs
  • Sankey diagram graphics export is quick and easy when using the clipboard
  • If you are missing a specific report type, the Umberto Customizing Team will be happy to assist you in implementing it



Which methods for Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) can I choose?

  • ReCiPe, Impact 2002+, Eco-Indicator 99, CML, TRACI, IPCC and many other impact assessment methods are integrated
  • User defined impact assessment methods can be created
  • Individual KPIs of different indicator systems can be freely combined

What are my options when using cost calculation?

  • Individual materials cost
  • Process costs
  • Free definition of cost types and cost plans
  • Assign fixed and variable costs to each cost factor
  • Unit cost accounting



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Umberto NXT Universal- Software for increasing the eco-efficiency

What is an eco-efficiency analysis?

Eco-efficiency is based on the concept of creating more goods and services while using fewer resources and creating less waste and pollution, i.e having less impact on earth's ecosystems. The steps needed to generate an eco-efficiency analysis are described in DIN ISO 14045. Generally, it measures the environmental impacts a product has in relation to its environmental benefits, primarily on a monetary basis. The environmental impacts are calculated with the help of an LCA. Eco-efficiency analyses can play a vital role in, for example, choosing between different product alternatives or in achieving integrated optimization for an entire business.

A typical eco-efficiency analysis starts with modeling the current state within what is called a foreground system. This could be, for example, the process of manufacturing a specific product. The Umberto software then links all emissions and direct resource use in the model to specific environmental impacts. By integrating secondary eco-efficiency data from databases such as ecoinvent or GaBi the process also allows users to measure the environmental impact of upstream chains – that is, all the inputs and outputs of a product prior to its actual production. In addition, the software is able to integrate and analyze market prices for materials used in the process as well as variable and fixed processing costs. Using parameter variations or alternative processes, different planning scenarios can be modeled to determine the subsequent change in ecological efficiency compared to the current state. An eco-efficiency analysis can also compare completely different products or production systems in terms of their respective ecological efficiencies.

Software for analyzing your eco-efficiency

Umberto NXT Universal combines the functions of both Umberto NXT LCA and NXT Efficiency by evaluating the environmental efficiency of product and process systems as well as by generating material-flow based cost analyses. This allows a business to identify product and production systems that benefit the environment while at the same time improving its competitiveness through cost control. The ultimate goal is to optimize overall ecological (and, therefore, economic) efficiency.

In addition to compiling eco-efficency analyses, Umberto NXT Universal is the only software within the Umberto NXT family that offers an option to specify processes by means of scripting in IronPython. This feature enables users to, for example, calculate and isolate allocation factors and process parameters, or to exchange information with other software programs. The result is virtually limitless modeling capacity.
By combining ecological and economic aspects through an eco-efficiency analysis, Umberto NXT Universal is the most flexible and comprehensive of all systems to support your goal of reaching more sustainable production. It allows for complete product responsibility while increasing competitiveness through cost control. At the same time, it saves resources and reduces emissions in order to sustain our ecology's overall functionality.