Umberto in research and education

Umberto in research and education

Whether it's for CO2 balancing, life cycle assessment, material flow cost accounting or resource efficiency - with Umberto you’ve got the right tool for research or education at your fingertips.

  • Increase the quality of education: innovative learning of the methodology and for creating a comprehensive system overview, instead of having to wrangle numbers across endless Excel spreadsheets.
  • Supportive teaching material: we provide teaching materials, such as tutorials, hands-on examples, etc, available to help students become more familiar with the software.*1
  • Flexible licensing management: you can either install Umberto on a pool of computers or acquire temporary individual licenses that can be used by students  at home.
  • Better chances on the job market: Umberto is an established tool used by both research institutes and industry. Having a developed ability to comfortably work with the software allows students to better position themselves on the job market.

More than 220 users from academia are already successfully applying the software.  Our reference list highlights a few examples. The software is in use for studies such as “Sustainability Management” and “Resource Efficiency Management“. You can explore examples of use at Leuphana University and University of Applied Sciences Pforzheim, among others, in our ➤ article “Successful use of Umberto in research and education“.

New: The campus package

New: The campus package

Classes at many university and college campuses will start again soon. That's why we have designed the Umberto campus package for you. What does it offer exactly?

Umberto Software including Global Warming Potential (GWP) data*2
+ 30 educational licenses
+ 3-year update and service contract
+ web training for the lecturer
+ teaching materials

= starting at 199 € per month*3

The quota for the Umberto campus package is limited. Feel free to contact us to find out if there are campus packages available.

Request an offer for campus package

You’d like to receive more information?

You’d like to receive more information?

If you have questions regarding the Umberto campus package or are looking for an alternative, no problem - we'll find a solution that fits your needs. My name is Johann Peters and I am the contact person for the use of Umberto in research and education. Please feel free to get in touch with me to find out more about further offers for universities and colleges. I look forward to advising you!

Contact: Johann Peters

*1 All teaching materials will be supplied in English

*2 For LCA applications it is presumed that users already have a multi-user license for the LCA database ecoinvent. Should this not be the case, an ecoinvent license must be purchased separately.

*3 This price excludes VAT and is based on a 36-month term. Ideally payment in advance for the full amount. We offer different payment options for your convenience, please ask us about it. 

Mario Schmidt

"Resource efficiency requires knowledge of all relevant energy and material flows. We therefore use software for our projects that enable a flexible approach. Umberto meets our standards perfectly."

Prof. Dr. Mario Schmidt, Institute for Industrial Ecology, University of Applied Sciences Pforzheim, Germany

Lorenz Hilty

"Umberto LCA+ is based on a scientifically sound approach and provides seamless access to the ecoinvent 3 database. Research results visualized as Sankey diagrams are easy to present."

Prof. Dr. Lorenz Hilty, Informatics and Sustainability Research Group, University of Zurich and Empa, St. Gallen, Switzerland

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