Great consulting with Umberto!

Great consulting with Umberto!

We supply the software needed by sustainability, energy, and engineering consultants. Umberto is one of the leading software solutions for material flow analyses. It allows you to provide fast, cost efficient and professional advice to your clients over a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Process optimization: find potential savings in production processes, plan new facilities, or increase the overall resource efficiency for your clients.
  • CO2 balancing: calculate Product Carbon Footprints (PCF) or Corporate Carbon Footprints (CCF) for the entire business. 
  • Life Cycle Assessment: win your clients by generating LCAs with integrated comprehensive cost analysis.

In order to support you and your projects, consultants can now take advantage of our exclusive consultant packages until April 28th, 2017. Umberto is already used with great success in industrial and consulting businesses worldwide. You can find a variety of our clients in our list of references.

Choose the consulting package that‘s right for you

Consulting Package "Basic"

  • Umberto permanent license*1
  • 3 year update service (including software updates)
  • 90 minute webinar to get acquainted with the software

for 165 €/ month*2

The quota for the Consulting Package "Basic" is limited. Feel free to contact us to find out if there are consulting packages available.

Consulting Package "Plus"

  • Umberto permanent license*1
  • an additional, project-related license for your client
  • 3 year update and modeling service (includes support for questions regarding modeling applications)
  • 2-day software training in Hamburg or web training

for 295 €/ month*2

The contingent for the Consulting Package "Plus" is limited. Feel free to contact us to find out if there are consulting packages available.

You’d like to receive more information?

You’d like to receive more information?

If you have questions regarding the Umberto Consulting Packages or are looking for an alternative, no problem - we'll find a solution that fits your needs. My name is Johann Peters and I am your contact for the Umberto Consulting Packages. Please feel free to get in touch with me to find out about other offers for consultancies. I look forward to advising you!

Contact: Johann Peters


Be on the leading edge with Umberto

Be on the leading edge with Umberto

  • Seeing means understanding! By visually presenting the clients overall production process or the product life cycle you ensure that operations managers as well as the corporate managers are on the same page. Showing the energy and material flows in a model helps to establish a systems understanding that encompasses all departments and provides clear visualizations of improvement potentials. Results can be communicated quickly and concisely to the client. 

  • 3-in-1 resource efficiency: With Umberto, you have the opportunity to combine the results of an energy and material balance with economic and ecological indicators, thus providing a better basis for advising your clients. By integrating a cost analysis, you can also convince the controlling department at the same time.

  • Easy integration of Excel data: Including existing data collected by your client in the material flow model is an easy task. With the Umberto Live Link you can link cell values from Excel files directly into your model. This makes the handling of the repeating client projects very easy. If, for example, the numbers for production volume or materials use change in the spreadsheet, the data is automatically updated within the Umberto model.

More about Umberto

*1 For LCA applications it is presumed that users already have a license for the LCA database ecoinvent. Should this not be the case, an ecoinvent license must be purchased separately.

*2 This price excludes VAT and is based on a 36-month term.

Umberto Stoffstrom Mangement

"The Umberto models I present to my clients leave a lasting impression long after I have left the room. I have been using Umberto for over 15 years."

Dr. Martin Schottler, CEO, Averem Verfahrenstechnik, Germany

Matthias Voigtmann

"Umberto is the ideal tool for our analyzing tasks at the transition from energy to material efficiency. Combining material and energy flow analyses with our technical expertise and experience we detect synergies and generate savings of up to 25 % for our clients."

Matthias Voigtmann, CEO, ECA Concept, Germany

Real-life examples

Example: CO2 Balances at BRITA GmbH

Example: CO2 Balances at BRITA GmbH

The manufacturer of water filtration system from Taunusstein, Germany, commissioned the Institute for Applied Material Flow Management to do a CO2 balance for an exemplary countertop water filtration system.

Example: Facility and capacity planning

Example: Facility and capacity planning

Arcade Engineering GmbH uses Umberto in facility planning projects. In the project described in this application example, capacity limitations of ultra pure water facilities in a semiconductor plant were analysed. Planning became speedier and led to adaptations.

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