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In-house training Umberto NXT CO2

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Umberto NXT CO2 training

Price: 3.100,00 € plus travel expenses

The two-day in-house training will be held at your location and up to 5 persons are allowed to participate. Guided by our trainer you experience all the important features of Umberto NXT CO2 and develop a carbon footprint together with analysis and interpretation based on a tutorial example. The confidential atmosphere also allows for addressing internal applications as exercises.
The in-house training includes training materials.


The training includes the following topics, based on the preferences of the participants:

  • Impacts and definition of greenhouse gases (acc. IPCC 2007)
  • Principles and standards for calculating carbon footprints
  • Product carbon footprint based on ISO TS 14067, GHG Protocol Product Standard and PAS 2050
  • Corporate carbon footprint based on ISO 14064 and GHG Protocol Corporate Standard
  • Graphic modeling of material flowsSpecification of process stepsVisualization via Sankey diagrams
  • Working with the module gallery
  • Calculation and analysis of Carbon Footprints
  • Export of results and import of data

As in all our training, we will try to address your very personal questions as well.

Target group and prior knowledge

Environmental consultants, environmental officers, energy consultants and employees in science and research are exactly right here when it comes to the calculation of carbon footprints. There is no specific knowledge required.


Primarily we focus of course on the general working with the software. But this could not be considered without knowing about the methodology of carbon footprinting. Thus, we enable you as a participant in both handling the software and to get a deeper understanding of the calculation and interpretation of carbon footprints.

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