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Then please feel free to contact our colleague Martina Prox or one of our local partner companies in India.
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Martina Prox, ifu Hamburg

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Core Competencies:

  • Consultancy for productivity and life cycle innovation
  • German delegate to the development of international standards of the ISO 14 000 series including ISO 14051 (norm for MFCA)
  • 20 years experience with life cycle assessment and resource efficiency through material flow analysis

Contact Details: Tel: +49 40 480 009-77, E-mail martina.b.prox(at)

Prashant Gongle, EnPro Consultant

Location: Pune, Maharashtra State

Core Competencies:

  • Resource Efficiency consultancy
  • Industrial Energy Audit, Water Audit, Process Safety Management, Energy conservation projects and material efficiency through MFCA
  • Identification of plant optimization opportunities with recommendations in line with the organizational goals

Contact Details: Cell No. +91 98 509 922 70, E-mail enproconsultant(at)

Ajay Mathur, Indohaan Technologies Private Limited

Location: National Capital Region, Faridabad

Core Competencies:

  • Analyses of material and energy flows in any production process applicable for various industrial sectors
  • Identification & quantification of flows and stocks of materials in physical units including the cost evaluation of material losses
  • Evaluation of environmental related aspects & their impacts to achieve sustainable development
  • Energy audit including material flow cost analysis (MFCA)

Contact Details: Tel. + 91 9899892868 / +91 129 4870716,
E-mail amathur(at)

Faisal Shaikh, Factories of Future

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra State

Core Competencies:

  • Material Flow Cost Accounting services and implementation of MFCA
  • Helping organisations with mapping their material consumption in manufacturing processes
  • Consultant for AviX, Umberto Efficiency+ Software, IKS Kanban software and Industry 4.0 solutions

Contact Details: Tel. +91 981 9380157, E-mail shaikh(at)

Become an efficiency champion with MFCA

Among all the world’s countries, India ranks third in terms of material demand and consumption. With raw material prices rising constantly, there is an increasing need for smart approaches towards a more efficient use of resources.

Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) serves this very purpose! The method enables you to identify and calculate material losses, wastage and cost-saving potentials in production systems. Lately, more and more Indian companies are climbing on the bandwagon of using MFCA to improve their resource efficiency.

With the support of the Institute for Industrial Ecology (INEC) at the German Pforzheim University several  pilot projects have been conducted together with companies in Pune.  To carry out their analyses, the German and Indian team of experts and project participants used Umberto Efficiency+, the leading software solution for MFCA and resource efficiency.

Achieve efficiency goals with Umberto Efficiency+

Use MFCA to eliminate wastage

Use MFCA to eliminate wastage

The aim of this instrument is to save energy and costs by avoiding material losses (waste). To achieve this, MFCA can be used to calculate the actual costs of waste (Hidden Costs). It serves as an important element of operational resource efficiency for companies and is standardized through ISO 14051. Learn more about MFCA

Save 10% of material and energy costs

Save 10% of material and energy costs

With Umberto Efficiency+, you can create material and energy flow models to discover cost saving potentials. On the basis of modeled scenarios, the software also allows you to compare and evaluate your improvement measures. Several examples have shown that material and energy costs can be reduced by at least 10% due to MFCA.

Improve your company’s CO2 balance

Improve your company’s CO2 balance

You can save money while reducing environmental impacts. Using Umberto Efficiency+, you will not only find potentials for material and energy efficiency, but also for the reduction of CO2 emissions. Moreover, our software enables you to calculate and analyze product & corporate carbon footprints.

Visual approach for efficiency project approval

Visual approach for efficiency project approval

Use Sankey diagrams to visualize your material and energy flows as well as costs. They immediately draw the attention to the most important flows. The clear illustrations create transparency and mutual understanding of your production system, also among managers and colleagues who are not familiar with the subject matter.

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