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LCA Software for life cycle assessment

LCA Software for life cycle assessment

LCA Software – Umberto LCA+ Analyze and optimize the environmental impact of your products:

  • Product & Corporate Carbon Footprint
  • Life Cycle Assessment according to ISO 14040
  • Product Environmental Footprint
  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Create sustainable products, optimize the environmental footprint, reduce carbon emissions and improve business sustainability.

Create life-cycle assessments easily

Umberto is one of the leading life-cycle assessment (LCA) software tool and is recommended by experts from industry, consulting, research & education.

  • Intuitive graphical modeling of your production system
  • Link to Microsoft Excel for importing data
  • Assessment of potential environmental impacts
  • Identification of hot spots and areas of improvement
  • Optimization of resource and energy efficiency
  • integrated cost accounting including MFCA
  • Export of all results to Microsoft Excel, including Sankey diagrams

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LCA Software details

Would you like to learn more about our tool Umberto LCA+?
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LCA Software details

Case studies with Umberto

The software is used to determine the CO2 balance (Carbon footprint) of a product and to analyze environmental impacts throughout the entire life cycle (LCA).

In the case studies you will learn how BRITA and Fujitsu, among others, have mastered these challenges: ► Overview of case studies

Case studies with Umberto

The next step towards LCA integration

You want to automate the life cycle assessment of your products and make LCA results available to different departments of your company?

For this purpose we have developed a web-based sustainability software ▶ iPoint Product Sustainability

iPoint Product Sustainability

Features of our LCA Software

Graphical modeling of energy and material flows

Visualize your production system and other phases of the life cycle transparently with a material flow model and benefit from:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Transparent illustration of process chains through clear graphic elements
  • Successive development of your production system
  • Hierarchical modelling through subnets

Graphic modeling enables the development of a holistic understanding of processes.

Easy integration of existing primary data

The first step to a successful LCA is the integration of existing data. Umberto LCA+ offers an interface to Microsoft Excel.

  • Linking Excel cell values to Umberto models
  • Automatic update when cell values are changed
  • Easy adaptation of relevant parameters
  • Individual interface connection with SAP or other systems

A factor for success: integrated life cycle database

Data research can be very time-consuming. Save time and costs by integrated of LCA databases (LCI databases).

  • Standard integration of ecoinvent and GaBi database(s) available
  • ecoinvent database: Contains over 13'300 data sets from various industries and areas. Provider is the non-profit organization ecoinvent Association from Switzerland.
  • GaBi databases: Contain over 7'000 datasets available in various sector-specific databases. The data is based on primary industry data. The provider is thinkstep AG from Germany.

Screening LCA for the identification of hot spots

A Screening LCA reduces the effort and complexity in data collection to achieve a first overview of the environmental impact.

  • Examination of main materials of the products using ecological rucksack data
  • Consideration of the environmental footprint from upstream and downstream chains with global average values

Identification of hot spots enables further improvement.

Life Cycle Assessment with integrated cost accounting

Analyze what effect the improvement of the LCA has on the cost of the product.

  • Eco-efficiency by evaluating costs and environmental impacts in one model
  • Enables combination of Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing
  • Traditional cost accounting and Material Flow Cost accounting available
  • Assessment of resource efficiency to reduce environmental impacts at the plant site

Thus a sustainable product becomes also cost effective.

Making environmental potentials clearly identifiable

Present the results of your life cycle assessment through convincing Sankey diagrams:

  • Visualization of resources, life cycle costs and environmental impacts
  • Appealing presentation of influencing variables and correlations
  • Transparency of environmental impacts for all parties involved

Sankey diagrams are an excellent decision-making basis for improving environmental performance.



Umberto User Lorenz Hilty

"At Miele, we use Life Cycyle Analyses especially when faced with fundamental decisions in product development. Miele has an excellent reputation with both customers and stakeholders, so we make sure our products are not only high in value for the customer but are also beneficial for the environment. We use Umberto LCA+ so we can easily exchange data and material flow models with our long-time partner, the Öko-Institut (Institute for Applied Ecology)."
Marko Schnarr, Miele & Cie. KG, Germany

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