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LCA Automation with iPoint Product Sustainability

LCA Automation with iPoint Product Sustainability

iPoint Product Sustainability

The Umberto based evolution for LCA automation and a better integration of life cycle assessments into your company 

Securing future viability with Product Sustainability

Nowadays it gets increasingly important for businesses to take sustainability into account to secure a competitive advantage. Companies have to keep up with demands from different stakeholders such as political stakeholders demanding to be compliant with environmental standards and norms, consumers demanding information on the sustainability of products. Just claiming to be “green” is not enough anymore, companies are expected to prove their sustainable behavior.

Therefore, businesses need to take up a holistic perspective: from building sustainable supply chains to creating sustainable products by reducing environmental impacts to establishing a sustainable production by saving resources like material, water, and energy.

Importance of product sustainability and holistic perspective

New product with holistic view on Product Sustainability

Currently, there are many software solutions available focusing on certain aspects of product sustainability. Unfortunately, environmental assessments with current tools require a lot of expertise, manual effort, and time.

This encouraged iPoint und ifu Hamburg to join forces and take a more holistic view on product sustainability. The result of this joint development is iPoint Product Sustainability, whose heart is the renowed Umberto software.

The new solution enables you to analyze and reduce the environmental impact of your products in less time. Use the opportunity to automate the creation of Life Cycle Assessments to a greater extent for a broader access with less effort.

iPoint Product Sustainability, the new LCA solution

Understand and manage tomorrow's challenges

  • Fully integrate LCA results in business decisions: all relevant business units can use interactive views to access sustainability information

  • Follow-up on product-related sustainability targets

  • Visualize and understand the effects of improvement measures such as energy efficiency increase, use of renewable energy, higher recycled content

  • Different departments and positions (e.g. top-level management, plant managers and engineers) receive different, role-specific web applications to make use of LCA information

Create business opportunities by knowing the environmental impact of your product

  • Connect data to company-internal systems (e.g. ERP such as SAP)

  • Collect data both internally and from suppliers

  • LCA experts create models that can be used to automate your processes

Benefit from combining compliance and sustainability

  • Re-use compliance data in order to calculate environmental impacts

  • Overcome knowledge silos within your organization and experience the benefits of a shared database

  • Fully integrate the sustainability and compliance perspective into product development for shorter innovation cycles

  • Take a holistic view on your supply chain

Want to leverage the full potential of life cycle information?

Learn more about iPoint Product Sustainability and its benefits and features. Learn how your company can leverage the full potential of the LCA expertise and how the results can already be used in e.g. the product design phase.

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