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Carbon Footprints quick and easy with professional software

In Umberto NXT CO2 you can model your product life cycle and a production processes conveniently and quickly. Perform a reliable calculation of your Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) or Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF).

Highlights of our carbon footprint software

Database with Global Warming Potential (GWP) data included in carbon footprint software

Save time on data research with integrated data sets

In our software you have different databases at hand for the determination of the global warming potential (e.g. PAS 2050, BioGrace). With the ecoinvent 3.3 GWP data you are working with the most current data available. This database is only available in Umberto NXT CO2 as it is compiled directly at ifu Hamburg. The data sets are ready-to-use in the software and reduce the time-consuming data research. Umberto NXT CO2 contains GHG values (GWP 100a in kg CO2-equivalents) for:

  • raw materials
  • energy
  • transport and more

Try our software for carbon footprints

Just download your free trial version of our Umberto NXT CO2 Software. You can test it for 14 days and start with a first analysis of your carbon footprint.

Create product or corporate carbon footprints with the software

Reliable CO2 balance following established standard

Standards give a good orientation and increase credibility of the results. The standard conformance provides the basis for the verification by an independent third party. In Umberto NXT CO2 you can determine a carbon footprint in accordance to the following standards:

  • GHG Protocol
  • ISO/TS 14067
  • PAS 2050



Sankey diagrams showing material and energy flows and CO2 emissions

Convincing visualization with Sankey diagrams

Clearly point out the climate relevant emissions along the product life cycle in just one Sankey diagram. This enables you to recognize the environmental improvement potential at a glimpse.

With our software the carbon footprint results can be communicated easily to colleagues, customers or third parties.

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Upgrade possibilities for the carbon footprint software

You want more than a carbon footprint software?

With a carbon footprint calculation the first step towards a full LCA has been made. Take the next step and extend your project to a full Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Each model created in Umberto NXT CO2 can be opened in Umberto NXT LCA to conduct a more comprehensive analysis of environmental impacts.

More about Umberto NXT LCA

The visual Carbon Footprint Tool

Further features of our carbon footprint software at a glance

What are my options when building a model?

  • Life cycle phases as graphical elements, adjustable in number and name
  • Export and Import of Linear Specifications as Excel file in the form of an aggregated input/output table
  • Model templates available for common standards
  • Process specifications with coefficients, parameters and formulas
  • Copy&Paste and Undo&Redo functions are available


Which carbon footprint data can I use in the software?

  • ecoinvent 3.2 GWP data with more than 2500 intermediate exchanges and approx. 200 elementary exchanges according to IPCC 2013 and GWP 100a (climate impact)
  • ecoinvent 2.2 with approx. 4.000 data sets including greenhouse gas emissions (GWP 100a values) for raw materials, intermediate products, energy, transport and others
  • Original data sets are protected, so they can’t be accidentally overwritten
  • Module gallery for saving individual processes and partial models, reuse in other models or different projects

    What analyses and reports can I generate?

    • Mass and energy inventories for the entire life cycle model as well as for custom-defined sub-systems
    • Break down results by phases, by material groups, by processes, etc.
    • Footprint logo showing the calculated CO2-equivalents
    • Export of all life cycle inventories (LCI) and LCIA results to Microsoft Excel
    • Sankey diagrams of the carbon footprint and all energy and mass flows
    • Sankey diagrams and all result graphics can be exported quickly and easily
    Our customer Kurlab Kimsri says:

    Our customer Kurlab Kimsri says:

    "CPF is the leading food company which is committed to providing sustainable food throughout the world. We have obtained 152 certificates of product carbon footprint and reduction carbon footprint. Umberto is used to derive assessments and indicators demanded by our customers and to support decision-making for improving products and processes. The Umberto is a great support for our sustainability efforts!"

    Kularb Kimsri, Vice President, Charoen Pokphand Foods Pcl., Thailand

    Everything starts with good advice

    Everything starts with good advice

    Personal contact, open communication channels, and dependable service: that's how we like to work with you. Our goal is to support your project based on the priorities you've set to reach the best possible outcome – together.

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    Umberto NXT CO2 – the carbon footprint software

    Climate protection at the political level

    The UN Climate Change Conference in Paris in late 2015 resulted in an ambitious and important goal: limiting global warming to less than 2.0°C compared to pre-industrial levels. This critical threshold can only be reached if drastic measures for climate protection are promptly implemented. While objectives for reducing greenhouse gas emissions were established through a political process, the actual implementation of remedial technologies – and thus the agreement's success – rests squarely upon the shoulders of the economy and the consumers. Umberto NXT CO2 carbon footprint software is an important tool that can help businesses reach this ambitious goal.

    What is a carbon footprint?

    A carbon footprint, also known as a CO2 footprint or CO2 balance, calculates all the emissions generated during a product's life cycle that have any global warming potential. This is represented as kg of CO2 equivalents and can either relate to individual products or services (Product Carbon Footprint, PCF) or reflect all of the emissions a business generates, including upstream chains, in a Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF). Carbon footprint software tools were developed to enable an accounting of all these emissions.

    What is carbon footprint software?

    Umberto NXT CO2 is a carbon footprint software that supports all standard metrics commonly used for generating carbon footprints. What sets our carbon footprint software apart is the graphic modeling of production and process networks, which helps to structure and pinpoint all climate-relevant emissions. In addition, our carbon footprint software offers direct representation of all material flows and CO2 impacts in the form of Sankey diagrams, allowing a quick overview of the largest sources of emissions.

    Based on the LCA method, these emissions are calculated over a product's entire life cycle, from resource extraction to waste disposal after consumption. Our software provides data from the renowned ecoinvent database for direct use during the modeling process. In addition to providing the global warming potential (GWP) data, the tool's assistant also enables easy and fast generation of carbon footprints based on your scope of inquiry. ISO/TS 14067, GHG protocol, and PAS 2050, of course, are among the commonly used standards supported by Umberto NXT CO2.

    Our carbon footprint software has many different applications that can benefit your business. They range from pinpointing the most effective savings and optimization measures by targeting the largest points of emission to calculating a product's entire carbon footprint as a basis for climate change avoidance or offsetting measures. It's your contribution to limiting global warming and to reaching the goals established at the Paris Global Warming Conference.