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Umberto - Software for Resource & Energy Efficiency

Umberto - Software for Resource & Energy Efficiency

One of the leading software solutions for resource & energy efficiency

With Umberto Efficiency+, you increase your resource & energy efficiency through: 

  • Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA)
  • Material flow analyses
  • Cost accounting
  • CO2 balances

Use resources efficiently and lower costs

Umberto is one of the leading software solutions for energy & resource efficiency and is recommended by experts from industry, consulting, research and education.

  • Transparency of energy and material flows
  • Leading software for Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA)
  • In use across industries and globally
  • Favorable conditions for SMEs and new customers
  • Free trial version - available for immediate download

Highlights of our resource efficiency software

Easy integration of existing primary data

Have you already collected data in Microsoft Excel in order to analyze the resource efficiency of your production? Wonderful, then you have already created the basis.

  • Linking Microsoft Excel cell values with Umberto model
  • Automatic update when cell values are changed
  • Easy adaptation of relevant parameters such as quantities or material and energy consumption
  • Possibility of an individual interface connection with SAP or other systems

We will gladly give you a live demonstration in our web presentation: ▶ View dates

Graphical visualization of production processes

With Umberto you can digitally map all energy and material flows and keep an eye on costs at the same time. Sankey diagrams visualize the material flows in your production processes in a particularly clear way.

  • Creating transparency of production processes and material flows
  • Comprehensive understanding of the production system by all involved parties
  • Linking of process knowledge with a holistic system perspective
  • Resource-efficient production through process optimization with regard to environment and costs

Calculate the true value of material losses

With the help of integrated Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA), the software also shows "hidden" costs. The MFCA approach enables you to achieve higher material efficiency and thus save energy and costs.

  • Detection of material losses in the production process
  • Proportionate allocation of costs to losses of material (and possibly energy) instead of mere allocation to products
  • Calculation of the savings potential, if the losses would not occur at all

Analyse and assess optimization measures

How promising are the measures to increase resource efficiency? Based on scenarios, you can compare the effectiveness of planned improvements in your production system.

  • Use KPIs to analyze and evaluate the current status and planned future scenarios
  • Evaluation of the savings potential in order to set realistic savings targets
  • Automated scenario analysis for the simultaneous calculation of several scenarios

    Calculation of the CO2 footprint

    With Umberto Efficiency+ you will not only find potential for material and energy efficiency, but also for reducing CO2 emissions.

    • Fast and uncomplicated calculation of the carbon footprint
    • Global Warming Potential (GWP) factors available in the software
    • Sankey diagram illustration shows hot spots of CO2 emissions

    Tip for the trial version: Calculate one of the sample models and test the Sankey diagram visualization for total flows, costs or climate change (GWP): ▶ Test it now

      Application examples for the software for material and energy efficiency

      Case Studies with Umberto

      Umberto is used worldwide in industry, consulting, research and education. With the help of material flow models, Umberto uncovers efficiency potentials in the production process and helps to exploit them. The case studies show how companies like Arcade Engineering and BASF Switzerland, among others, have mastered this challenge with Umberto. ► Overview of case studies

      Case studies on the use of the resource efficiency software Umberto in industry

      More information on the software

      Would you like to learn more about Umberto Efficiency+?
      Then please take a look at our ► product brochure.

      A detailed overview of all functions and features of the resource efficiency software can be found in the ► data sheet.

      More information on the software
      Umberto user Martin Schottler says:

      Umberto user Martin Schottler says:

      "The Umberto models I present to my clients leave a lasting impression long after I have left the room. I have been using Umberto for over 15 years."

      Dr. Martin Schottler, Consultant for Process Engineering

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      Everything starts with good advice

      Everything starts with good advice

      Personal contact, open communication channels, and dependable service: that's how we like to work with you.

      Our goal is to support your project based on the priorities you've set to reach the best possible outcome - together.

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      Umberto Efficiency+ Software for Material and Energy Efficiency

      What is energy efficiency?

      By being in compliance with the energy management requirements of ISO 50001, many businesses have already reaped the benefits of their energy efficiency measures, as is  evident from their financial reports. Constantly scrutinizing real-time material and energy use in your business in order to optimize the system is a crucial factor in energy efficiency management. It helps to minimize emissions of pollutants and to identify and realize every potential for further savings.

      What is resource efficiency software?

      Umberto Efficiency+ is a software tool that expands and facilitates efficiency management by focusing on material use associated with a product. This includes establishing a complete inventory of the entire production system including all processes involved in fabrication as well as the balancing of material flows. In other words: Umberto Efficiency+ can do much more than just visualize the measured material use. With its systematic approach and the power to visualize interdependencies, the software allows managers to easily identify potential savings.
      As part of ERP, resource efficiency software is vital early on in the planning and development phases for the evaluation of potential savings. Using quantity-based Sankey diagrams, any impacts on the overall system become instantly visible. The introduction of more energy effective technologies is a good example of this. In addition, the software can balance all material and energy cost data and also include other factors such as investment costs. As a result, Umberto provides broad support for your company's goal of implementing comprehensive resource efficiency management.

      Using simple building blocks, an initial analysis can be quickly performed by the resource efficiency software using already available data and therefore can, for example, easily visualize the real-time use of energy. The model is then fine-tuned step by step with additional details in order to simulate production processes and to utilize its forecasting capabilities. The range of possible modeling options reaches from easy-to-read input-output balances to the integration of functional interrelationships. With your improved systems understanding, you can now make a well-founded decision regarding a suitable analytical approach. This ensures that all relevant energy flows will be captured for analysis. The information gained will, by itself, help move a business from using basic assumptions to focusing on what's really relevant in pinpointing the most important data for energy efficiency management.Combining more conscious material and energy use with taking all resources into consideration - including work force, capacities, and costs – is the decisive factor in realizing the full range of potential savings through resource efficiency management. The ifu Hamburg team is happy to show you how to move your business from merely compiling energy data to a more resource efficient production. If you're interested in a resource efficiency analysis for your business, or if you'd like to learn more about using our material efficiency software – just get in touch and we'd be happy to support you.