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The ecoinvent Centre in Switzerland and thinkstep AG based in Stuttgart, Germany offer background databases for life cycle assessment. The GaBi databases and the ecoinvent database are the market leaders in this field.

Umberto NXT LCA and Umberto NXT Universal are the only life cycle assessment tools in which both databases can be integrated.

The ecoinvent version 3 is the latest database of the provider. It contains more than 11500 data sets and offers a lot of new and updated data sets. You would like to learn more about the ecoinvent database? We are happy to advise you how you can use it for your life cycle assessment data research.

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What is ecoinvent?

Ecofriendly decisions lie in the hands of everyone of us: Product designer, producers, suppliers and consumers. The accompanying video describes how ecoinvent can be used to find ecofriendly solutions.

Which data is included?

Life Cycle Inventory Data on

  • Energy supply
  • Chemicals
  • Plastics and Plastics Production
  • Production and processing of metals
  • Transport & Mobility
  • Disposal
  • Construction
  • Agriculture (including pesticides)
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Electronics
  • Bio-fuels and materials
  • Engineering
  • Paper Industry
  • Recycling Processes
  • Water Data

Impact Assessment Methods

    • CML 2001
    • EDIP 1997 & EDIP 2003
    • Eco-Indicator 99 (all three perspectives)
    • Carbon Footprint
    • Ecological Scarcity 1997 & 2006 & 2013
    • Ecosystem Damage Potential (EDP)
    • Environmental Priority Strategy (EPS 2000)
    • Cumulative Energy Demand (CED)
    • Cumulative Exergy Demand (CExD)
    • IPCC 2001, IPCC 2007, IPCC 2013
    • IMPACT 2002+
    • TRACI
    • USEtox
    • ReCiPe (Midpoint and Endpoint)

    ecoinvent for Umberto clients

    Example of the ecoinvent v3 database in Umberto NXT

    When you buy one or more ecoinvent licenses, you purchase the right to use the data in ecoinvent version v3. According to the license terms, a license for ecoinvent is required for any existing Umberto license. The following are contained in the ecoinvent database package for Umberto:

    • Online access to the regularly updated ecoinvent database
    • All ecoinvent datasets in an integrated Umberto NXT library ready-for-use directly in the LCA models

    Of course, we offer ecoinvent licenses without Umberto at excellent prices. We will gladly provide quotes for ecoinvent membership on request, with and without Umberto.

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    Detailed information about the ecoinvent database in Umberto

    Would you like to learn more about the contents of the ecoinvent database? Then use the detailed search function to look for processes that are included in the ecoinvent database on the ecoinvent website. Create a free guest account on

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