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Here you can find an overview of all presentations, these are available for free download.

Presentation Archive

Here you can find a list of presentations and lectures given by our colleagues at external events in Germany and abroad. All presentations on this page can be downloaded free of charge in PDF format.

Please note that we give most presentations at events in Germany. These presentations are available on the German website only. So, in case you are proficient in German, please switch to the German website.

Life Cycle Workshop 2019

Presentations Life Cycle Workshop

Download presentations from our Life Cycle Workshop 2019 organized by ifu Hamburg. Presentations deal, among others, with the topics of Circular Economy, Life Cycle Assessment studies, ISO 14001 and electric mobility.

Presentations Life Cycle Workshop

Dealing with national environmental cost indicators

At the "[avniR] Conference 2019" our colleague Andreas Genest, together with Ricarda Grodenau from Mibau Stena Group, gave a presentation on "Dealing with national environmental cost indicators - possibilities and limits for global players?".

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Connecting life cycle models with parameterized LCI datasets

At the "9th International Conference on Life Cycle Management" our colleague Martina Prox gave a presentation on "Connecting Life Cycle Models: A database platform for parameterized LCI datasets - Concept and Implementation".

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Digitization and use of life cycle information

At the "International Conference on Life Cycle Assessment in Latin America" (short CILCA) our colleague Martina Prox gave a presentation on "How can digitization contribute to improve the accessibility and use of life cycle information".

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LCA in the Textile Industry

At the "Life Cycle Assessment XVIII" (2018) conference, our former colleague Margaret Borders gave the presentation "LCA in the Textile Industry: Mass is Messing Up Results!" (mass-related pitfalls in Life Cycle Assessment in textile companies).

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