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Tagung Siedlungsabfallwirtschaft Magdeburg (TASIMA)

Tagung Siedlungsabfallwirtschaft Magdeburg (TASIMA)

09/18/2019 - 09/19/2019

The Tagung Siedlungsabfallwirtschaft Magdeburg (Conference on Municipal Waste Management) serves as an annual platform for the exchange of experience, transfer of knowledge and networking for waste managers from all over Germany. This year the conference takes place under the motto "Waste - raw material of our future". The event will be held in German.

On the second day of TASIMA at 09:00 AM our colleague Tobias Steinert will give a lecture on "Ecological Footprint of New Materials - "MultiMak" Life Cycle Assessment of Multi-Material Automotive Components in the Design Phase".

Further information on this year's program can be found on the official TASIMA website.



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