Using Material Flow Cost Accounting for Resource Efficiency Assessment

Using Material Flow Cost Accounting for Resource Efficiency Assessment

Speaker: Michael Hauke, Consultant for Life Cycle Assessment and Resource Efficiency at ifu Hamburg GmbH

Areas of expertise: Life Cycle Assessment (ISO 14040/44), Ecoefficiency Assessment, Resource Efficiency, Material Flow Cost Accounting (ISO 14051)

Presentation language: English

Abstract: Industry applies Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) specifically to detect inefficiencies by quantifying the true costs of wastage and inefficiencies in product systems. It is a material and energy flow oriented accounting approach, which is used within an environmental management accounting framework in line with ISO 14051:2011.

In Japan more than 300 cases have demonstrated that MFCA reaches convincing and quick results in all sizes of companies and sectors. German experiences show that 50% of the saving potentials found can be realized with less than 10 000 € investment.

The full potential of this new cost perspective reveals when used for permanent improvement of a running system or for the design of newly developed systems. The contribution will share insights how to establish an MFCA cost perspective permanently in the process industry.

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