e!Sankey Software for Sankey diagrams
e!Sankey Software Trainings

e!Sankey Software Trainings

Learn how to draw Sankey diagrams by participating in one of our practical e!Sankey trainings. We offer trainings in the following formats

  • 1-day public training
  • Personal web-based classes
  • Inhouse trainings at your company

e!Sankey Training

Marc Loebel

Marc Loebel

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e!Sankey Software Trainings

e!Sankey Software Training

If you are new to e!Sankey it might be good to get guidance and useful advice for using the software. This will save time and gives you an efficient start. It will be your first step to becoming a skilled user and visualize energy, material or value streams with Sankey diagrams.

  • Learn the most important functions of e!Sankey
  • Hands-on learning by building practical examples in the software
  • Understand how to make appealing Sankey diagrams
  • Get hints and advice from our experienced trainers

We offer regular e!Sankey software trainings in various cities in Europe. If you don't wish to travel, we can also do a web-based training. On-site inhouse trainings are also available.

Our training participants say:

Our training participants say:

"I really liked the e!Sankey training and I learned very much!"

"All functions were taught really practical. The trainer had a good and kind way of knowledge transfer."

Combined offer: Training and software

Combined offer: Training and software

Save up to 100 € by buying the e!Sankey software and register for a training or webtraining at the same time.

We offer e!Sankey trainings in the following three formats

e!Sankey public training

This practical 1-day software training will teach you all functions of e!Sankey and enable you to draw your own Sankey diagrams.

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e!Sankey Web training

The web training is a one-to-one training and consists of two web sessions , which last 90 minutes each.

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e!Sankey in-house training

The one day in-house training will be held at your location and up to 5 people can participate.

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What you will learn

Here is what you are going to learn in the e!Sankey training:

  • First steps in creating Sankey diagrams
  • Setting options for arrows and processes
  • Adapt arrow design and routing
  • Using text elements and images / icons for processes
  • Defining entries, handling colors and units
  • Use of templates for Sankey diagrams
  • Importing data using the Live Links to Microsoft Excel
  • Exporting and printing Sankey diagrams

And, of course, there will be opportunity to discuss your individual questions.

With our trainings you get an efficient start to using e!Sankey

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