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e!Sankey Reseller

e!Sankey Reseller

Purchase e!Sankey software licenses

Contact a software reseller or IT service provider of your trust to purchase e!Sankey licenses.

Choose your preferred path to obtain e!Sankey

The fastest and most convenient way to acquire e!Sankey software licenses is through our secure online shop.

However, sometimes your corporate purchasing policy requires that you obtain a price quotation, or go through a specific supplier, who can source the licenses on your company's behalf.

Just contact your software distributor or IT service provider.

International software distributors

Here are some software resellers and distributors that have e!Sankey listed in their catalogs:

Contact us, if you want to know, whether there is a distributor for licenses in your specific country.

Software Resellers in China / 中国的软件经销商

Starting with e!Sankey 5, we are offering e!Sankey with a user interface (GUI) in Chinese ('Chinese simplified').

Chinese customers can purchase e!Sankey licenses through our online shop or contact one of the below trusted resellers in China:

    Beijing HuanZhongRuiChi Technology Co., Ltd. ("Reachsoft")
    http://www.reachsoft.cne!Sankey product page

    Beijing Zhexiang Software Co., Ltd. ("Cogito Software")
    http://www.cogitosoft.com  -  e!Sankey product page

    Beijing Uone Info&Tech Co., Ltd.
    http://www.uone-tech.cn  -  e!Sankey product page

    Beijing Tianyan Rongzhi Software Co., Ltd. ("TURNTECH")

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