e!Sankey 5 Release
e!Sankey 5 Release

e!Sankey 5 Release

New version e!Sankey 5

New version e!Sankey 5

Coming up soon: In autumn 2019 we will be releasing the newest version e!Sankey 5.

We are currently working on the new e!Sankey 5 and have already implemented a number of cool features. Some examples are presented below. And we are sure you will like them...

By the way: All customers that purchase e!Sankey 4 now will get the update to e!Sankey 5 at no extra cost. We will ship the update as soon as it is published.

Buy e!Sankey 4 now, get the update to e!Sankey 5 for free

We are excited to be able to present numerous improvements and new features for e!Sankey. This will make creating appealing Sankey diagrams more comfortable and give your additional possibilites.

The final set of features for e!Sankey 5 has not yet been finally decided, however, we can already confirm some of the features that will be available for sure in the new version:

  • Extended balance check (settings for relative/absolute tolerance)
  • Clickable elements in Sankey diagrams: Open files, URLs, or other Sankey diagrams
  • High-res export in SVG file format (vector graphics format), interactive SVG images
  • Live Link to Microsoft Excel file will support SharePoint
  • Open/Save of Sankey diagrams from/to cloud services
  • ... and much more!

Extended balance check

The balance check at each process (introduced with the latest major release) has been improved and extended - based on feedback we received from users.

  • balance check can be configured individually for each unit type
  • set tolerance input/output with absolute value
  • set tolerance input/output with relative difference
  • visualize balance difference at process
Extended balance check

SVG vector graphic export

SVG is a vector graphic image format supported by the most common web browsers. Create Sankey diagram image files, scalable and lossless for viewing on the web.

Additionally there are some interactive effects embedded in the image:

  • mouse over tool tips e.g. for viewing process balance
  • highlighting individual flow arrows
  • clickable links in the Sankey diagram

Note: SVG export and clickable elements will only be made available in the e!Sankey pro and calc versions.

You can try these features by clicking on the image on the left. The SVG image will open in a new browser tab.

Want to get the new e!Sankey 5?

You can get started right now: purchase e!Sankey 4 through our secure online shop. You will receive the current version right away. Once we have published the new version 5 we will send you a notification with a download link. There will be no extra cost.

Should you need a price quotation (single seat license, multi seat package, floating license) for e!Sankey 4 with update to e!Sankey 5 included, then please get in touch with us.

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