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e!Sankey Software for SustainHub Users

e!Sankey Software for SustainHub Users

e!Sankey Software for SustainHub Users

You are using the SustainHub as your preferred solution for managing material compliance, conflict minerals reporting and product chem risk along your supply chain?

Then you will enjoy the software e!Sankey as the new product offering for visualization of energy flow, material streams or costs.

Show the flow! Visualize material flows with Sankey diagrams

Visualizing material weight composition of a laptop with e!Sankey

Use e!Sankey to create appealing visualizations of flows on the shop floor, within your company, or along your supply chain.

These flows can be, for example:

  • material streams
  • energy flows
  • goods arriving/delivered
  • value streams

The width of the arrows in the Sankey diagram are always proportional to the flow quantity represented. Larger flows will immediately call the attention of the reader and draw the focus.

More than 7000 users in 95 countries use e!Sankey to show the flow!

Your data in attractive eye-catching flow diagrams

Visualizing smelter compliance status (SustainHub Conflict Minerals) in e!Sankey)

With Sankey diagrams produced with e!Sankey you will deliver appealing visualizations. Whether you use them for communication to external stakeholders, or within your company to transparently express material, energy or cost flows.

While most Sankey diagrams are dealing with energy flows or materials streams, you can also become more creative and translate any other data in flow diagrams, such as cost, value, quality, risk, people, etc. Just show the flow!

In this figure the compliance status of smelters and refiners in the supply chain according to RMAP (formerly CFSP Compliant Smelters & Refiners) and by geographical region is visualized on a world map.

The color-coding of the arrows is for 'compliant' (green), 'active' (yellow) and 'not alleged' (red). The width  of the arrows represents the number of smelters / refiners.

Try the e!Sankey software free-of-charge

Start drawing your first Sankey diagrams right away. You can download a free 14-day trial version of e!Sankey pro (for Windows).

  • contains numerous sample diagrams and templates
  • video tutorials to get a quick start drawing Sankey diagrams
  • five different languages (English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese)

SustainHub users can order a 1-year subscription license for only 195 US$ / 160 €.

Start your free e!Sankey trial

More than 7000 users in 95 countries use e!Sankey to visualize material, energy and cost flows

SustainHub users benefit from a discounted price

For users of SustainHub the e!Sankey 5 pro license is offered at at a discounted rate.

The annual software subscription can be obtained at only 195 US$ / 160 € (net). Take advantage of this offer by purchasing in our secure online shop (promotion valid until June 30, 2020).

Features of e!Sankey

Features of e!Sankey

If you want to find out more about the numerous functions and design options in e!Sankey please read more here.

The software also comes with a comprehensive user manual.

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