Energy Management

Use of Sankey Diagrams in Energy Management

Sankey diagrams are relevant for energy management systems to visualize energy flows in companies and show the use of different energy sources.

Corporate Energy Management

Implementing a corporate energy management (CEM) puts you in the lead to reduce energy costs and increase efficiency. Introducing an energy management system can also be one element in making your company more sustainable.

In Europe many companies have already successfully set up an energy management system (EnMS) according to ISO 50001 and have achieved certification. The ISO Survey for 2014 reports more than 6700 companies with a certified ISO 50001 energy management system (out of which 3400 alone from Germany). Thailand, Taiwan and South Korea are also front-runners in regard to energy management systems. Even though the U.S. Department of Energy encourages energy-intensive industries and fosters CEM programs, the number in the United States is below one hundred.

Practical implementation of measures

Practical implementation of measures

Energy efficiency is the goal. Saving money the motivation. With an energy management system implemented, the energy efficiency of companies and organizations can be continously improved, and will contribute to a more sustainable production.

An energy audit (in Europe according to EN 16247) can be a first step to get started with energy management, and it can lead to the first practical implementation of measures to reduce energy consumption and energy cost.

For the operational implementation of a corporate energy management staff in facility management, maintenance, and process control plays a crucial role: They know about energy consumption (electric energy, heat, cooling, compressed air, ...) and the consumers (equipment, machines, buildings, ...). The colleagues on the shop floor can come up with ideas for improvements and suggestions for reducing energy use. They are the ones than actually implement measures for a successful energy management.

A systematic collection of energy flows, and their clear visualization in form of enery flow diagrams (Sankey diagrams) is a crucial factor to success.

Sankey diagrams are used, both, for showing the current status of actual energy consumption, as well as to visualize future planned situations with energy reduction measures implemented. Energy flows are typically broken down to the individual sectors of the company (plants, departments, buildings), or grouped by equipment.

e!Sankey, as a specialized software for drawing Sankey diagrams is a valuable support for visualizing energy flows. Energy flow diagrams are a great tool within the energy managment project team, as well as for communicating successful results to external stakeholders, e.g. in a report or presentation.

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Our experience - your benefit

Our experience - your benefit

ifu Hamburg GmbH offers its more than 20 years experience to assist you in all questions of sustainable production. Our know-how covers material and energy flow analysis, resource efficiency, life cycle assessment (LCA). We typically use the software tools e!Sankey and Umberto NXT (developed by ourselves) in such projects. Learn more about our services

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