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Sankey Diagram Downloads

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On this page we provide free downloads of content related to Sankey diagrams:

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Download Sankey software and Sankey diagrams

The downloads on this page is our service for you: You can download a trial version (test version) of e!Sankey, the leading software for drawing Sankey diagrams. The trial version is free-of-charge and allows testing all functions of the software, before you decide whether to purchase licenses of e!Sankey.

Further we are providing Sankey diagram as samples for download. You can download these diagrams and open them in the latest e!Sankey 4 version and in the trial version. Get inspirations on how to draw appealing diagrams. We are going to feature new e!Sankey diagram files for download regularly.

Download e!Sankey 4


You can download the trial version e!Sankey 4 free-of-charge and without obligation. Test the software for 14 days.

With just a few limitations (message on application start, watermark, no EMF export) the trial version can be used to test all features of the software and draw Sankey diagrams. The diagrams created with the trial versions can be opened and edited later on when a licensed version has been purchased.

The e!Sankey user manual will help you learn to handle the software. You can open one of the numerous examples shipped in the trial version to get inspiration on how to set up a Sankey diagram.

Get e!Sankey trial version

System Requirements

Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10, Microsoft .NET 4.6 Framework must be installed, working memory at least 1 GB RAM, 250 MB free disk space. Live Links (in e!Sankey pro & e!Sankey calc) require Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher.

Sankey diagrams made with e!Sankey

Whether you are working in energy management, analyzing material streams in a production system, or your tasks revolve around supply chain, logistics and goods being shipped ... Sankey diagrams created with e!Sankey will really improve the way you are visualizing energy flows and mass flows.

We are providing new Sankey diagrams that we like and that are worth sharing. These files can be downloaded in the .sankey file format and opened in e!Sankey (latest version 4).

A retro style diagram...

Many generations of students and professionals have been using the 'Dubbel - Handbook of Mechanical Engineering. It was first published back in 1914.

We have picked one classic black/white visualization of the "Heat Flow in a Boiler" from Dubbel's book and have recreated it in e!Sankey. It can be downloaded here.

The original retro look has been maintained with heat losses shown with a diagonal hatched pattern just in the original figure.

U.S. energy consumption per capita

This Sankey diagram shows energy use per capita in the United States for the year 2006. More recent data is available, but the general picture hasn't changed: Huge energy losses occur in electricity generation and combustion engines of motor vehicles.

The diagram has been created with e!Sankey 4 and is based on data by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).

You can download the .sankey file, and use it as a starting point for your own Sankey diagram.

Material flow diagram

Using e!Sankey you can also show different flows within one diagram, e.g. materials and energy. This is very helpful, when you would like to view production processes holistically.

The following diagram shows, how such a production process can be illustrated.

The advantage of this illustration catches the eye immediately: losses and energy are displayed separately from the material flow from left to right.

e!Sankey manuals & articles

e!Sankey 4 Manual

e!Sankey 4 Manual

Within our manual all features of e!Sankey are described in detail including proper screenshots. This manual is also getting saved on your PC when the software e!Sankey is installed. You can find it through the help menu of e!Sankey. e!Sankey manual

e!Sankey manual
Hints for the Live Link to Microsoft Excel

Hints for the Live Link to Microsoft Excel

Using the e!Sankey Live Link to Microsoft Excel you can link your Sankey diagrams to your data located in Excel files. The following manual shows several hints how you can set up your Excel tables in order to use that Live Link even more effectively. e!Sankey Excel Live Link Hints

e!Sankey Excel Live Link Hints
Captain Sankey - first to draw Sankey diagrams

Background on Sankey Diagrams

Sankey diagrams have been around for over 100 years. They have first been used by Cpt. Matthew H. Sankey who worked on thermal efficiency of steam engines. A scientific article by Prof. Mario Schmidt (Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences) has some background on the history and methodology of Sankey diagrams and their use in energy and material flow management. The Sankey Diagram in Energy and Material Flow Management

The Sankey Diagram in Energy and Material Flow Management
Swiss Biomass Flows Sankey Diagram

The beauty of biomass

In a report published by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) there are numerous beautiful Sankey diagrams depicting biogenic mass flows in Switzerland in 2006. Several industrial sectors are involved besides agriculture and forestry, such as e.g. furniture and food.Have a look at the Sankey diagrams created with e!Sankey in this report. Biogenic mass flows in Switzerland

Biogenic mass flows in Switzerland

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