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e!Sankey – the Sankey diagram software

e!Sankey – the Sankey diagram software

The most popular software for creating Sankey diagrams. Visualize the material & energy flow or value streams in your company or along the supply chain. Share these appealing diagrams in reports or presentations.

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The No. 1 tool for creating Sankey diagrams

e!Sankey is used by more than 10,000 users in over 90 countries to visualize material, energy & cost flows by creating appealing Sankey diagrams and flow charts. Test e!Sankey 4 free-of-charge with the 14-day trial version.

e!Sankey - show the flow.

The Sankey diagram software e!Sankey lets you create Sankey diagrams quickly and easily.

No matter whether you wish to create an energy flow diagram, material flow diagram,  cost flow diagram or a supply chain / process flow diagram. Use e!Sankey to create convincing visualizations for your presentations, reports and publications and link them to your Microsoft Excel files.

The perfect illustration for resource and energy efficiency: a Sankey diagram immediately draws the attention to the most important flows.

    Advantages of the software e!Sankey

    e!Sankey is the standard Sankey diagram maker for professionals. Using our tool you can easily create Sankey diagrams with high complexity and accuracy. The software provides considerable advantages:

    • Free drawing regardless of directions (incl. flows & nodes)
    • Live Link to Microsoft Excel
    • Balance checks to show inconsistencies
    • Organized and flexible management of units and entries
    • Local storage of files & diagrams (e.g. within the secure company network)
    • reliable & professional support
    • No follow-up costs

    Areas of Application:

    Data Visualization is a great way to simplify and show the complexity of understanding relationships among data. Thus Sankey diagrams can be used in a wide range of applications:

    • energy flow (energy balance), energy efficiency
    • energy management & energy audit
    • heat transfer, heat loss, heat balance
    • material flow, e.g. within a production system
    • resource efficiency, waste, water/wastewater
    • weighted mass streams (i.e. greenhouse gas emissions, concentrations in exhaust gas stream)
    • logistics, transport of goods, supply chain analysis
    • value stream, cost allocation, visualization of cost flows and added value
    • business & marketing analysis (e.g. web traffic, workflow optimization)

    "I am really delighted with the program ... I've been able to produce diagrams that I've wanted to have for years."

    Automation & Integration:

    Using the e!Sankey Software Development Kit (SDK) software developers can automate the creation of Sankey diagrams and integrate them into their own solution. Suppliers of energy management software and web solution providers benefit from this package to include appealing Sankey diagram visualizations into their own product.

    Our users and references:

    Our users and references:

    Among the uses of the software e!Sankey are renown industrial companies, small- and medium-sized firms, research institutes, consultings, and energy advisors.The e!Sankey reference list contains a selection of companies that are successfully using e!Sankey in their projects. e!Sankey Reference List (PDF)

    e!Sankey Reference List (PDF)
    Our development team and their passion:

    Our development team and their passion:

    The maker of e!Sankey, ifu Hamburg GmbH, has a track record of developing Windows software applications since 1993. Their products are solutions for sustainability, energy efficiency and resource efficiency.

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    Order a e!Sankey license now through our secure online shop (SSL encryption). After your purchase you can directly download and activate the e!Sankey license.

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