Visualisation of energy flows and material streams with a Sankey diagram

    The most popular software for creating Sankey diagrams. Visualise the material and energy flows or value streams in your company or along the supply chain. Share these appealing diagrams in reports or presentations.

    The No. 1 software for creating Sankey diagrams - now with a new version: e!Sankey 4 calc!

    e!Sankey is used by more than 10,000 users in over 90 countries to visualize material and enery flows and to create appealing Sankey diagrams. Test e!Sankey 4 calc free-of-charge with the 14-day trial version.

    e!Sankey - show the flow.

    e!Sankey - show the flow.

    The software e!Sankey lets you create Sankey diagrams quickly and easily. No matter whether you wish to depict energy flows, material streams, or goods being transported along a supply chain: use e!Sankey to create convincing visualizations for your presentations, reports and publications.

    Sankey diagrams are a great way to visualize flows – e.g. energy, material, or cost flows. The width of each arrow in a Sankey diagram is proportional to the flow quantity, i.e. a flow with double the volume as another flow is shown with an arrow twice as wide.

    Sankey diagrams immediately draw the attention to the most important flows. They are gaining increasing importance in energy management, facility management, process engineering and in the area of resource efficient manufacturing.

    When visualizing costs along a supply chain or within a production plant, they can help to better understand value streams.

    e!Sankey is a dedicated software tool for such Sankey diagrams. With its set of features and numerous layout options it provides all you need to show the flow.

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      Areas of Application

      Areas of Application

      e!Sankey can be used to create Sankey diagrams in the following areas of application:

      • energy flows (energy balance), energy efficiency
      • energy management & energy audit
      • heat transfer, heat loss, heat balance
      • material flows, e.g. within a production system
      • resource efficiency, waste, water/wastewater
      • logistics, transport of goods, supply chain analysis
      • value streams, cost allocation, visualization of cost flows and added value
      • weighted mass flows (i.e. greenhouse gas emissions, concentrations in exhaust gas stream) 

      "I am really delighted with the program ... I've been able to produce diagrams that I've wanted to have for years."

      e!Sankey is the most widely used software for drawing Sankey diagrams.

      The numerous features for setting up the diagrams and refining their layout help you create appealing Sankey diagrams.

      And should you really need support in the course of your work, just let us know. Our experts can assist you with their experience in Sankey diagram visualizations.

      Who uses e!Sankey?

      Who uses e!Sankey?

      Among the uses of the software e!Sankey are renown industrial companies, small- and medium-sized firms, research institutes, consultings, and energy advisors.The e!Sankey reference list contains a selection of companies that are successfully using e!Sankey in their projects. e!Sankey Reference List (PDF)

      e!Sankey Reference List (PDF)
      e!Sankey is the fruit of 20 years in software development

      e!Sankey is the fruit of 20 years in software development

      The maker of e!Sankey, ifu Hamburg GmbH, has a track record of developing Windows software applications since 1993. Their products are solutions for sustainability, energy efficiency and resource efficiency.

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      What are Sankey diagrams?

      Sankey diagrams are a specific type of flow diagram. They are used to visualize material streams or energy flows.

      They are used, for example, in energy management, facility management, chemical or process engineering. Sankey diagrams are a good alternative to bar charts or pie charts, if you wish to show flow quantities.

      In Sankey diagrams the width of the arrows are proportional to the flow quantity it represents. So, attention is drawn immediately to the most important flows in the process system.

      Who is Mr. Sankey?

      Sankey diagrams are named after Captain Matthew Henry Phineas Riall Sankey, an Irish engineer, who was working on energy efficiency of steam engines. He published the first energy flow diagram of this kind in 1898.

      Software for Sankey diagrams

      The software e!Sankey is designed to create appealing Sankey diagrams. With more than 10,000 licenses being used in more than 90 countries, it is the most widely used Sankey diagram software in the world.