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Sustainability Workshop

Sustainability Workshop

Analyze with us in a joint workshop how you can make your products more efficient and sustainable. Together we will find potential savings and increase your resource efficiency.

Discover hidden potentials

As part of the 2-day workshop you will investigate

  • opportunities and benefits of sustainability management
  • new approaches to achieving resource efficiency and environmental friendliness
  • key data for effective optimization

Prepare your business for the global marketplace with increased resource efficiency. Our workshop is the sensible first step. Would you like to arrange a workshop directly at your place of business?

Discover hidden potentials

Sustainability workshop: more knowledge for greater profitability

The workshop will:

  • show your potential efficiencies
  • teach you how to increase your products' environmental friendliness
  • clarify whether publishing a sustainability report is right for you
  • provide you with basic, reliable information for sustainable decision making
  • enable you to effectively interact with the different stakeholders of your company
  • help your team to fully understand your company's systems
  • show you how to best reach your reduction goals with the right mix of solutions
  • provide a comparison of potential savings versus investment
  • demonstrate our approach and help you determine the way our services will be of use to you

We are happy to make you a non-binding offer for a sustainability workshop right at your place of business.

Sustainability workshop: more knowledge for greater profitability
Our customer Jan Eschke says:

Our customer Jan Eschke says:

"The chemical industry faces very complex issues. The consultants from ifu Hamburg have shown themselves to be very knowledgeable in matters of resource efficiency and life cycle assessment, and have helped us to find structured answers to those questions. In addition, they also provided excellent expertise in process engineering through their network. As a result, we discovered new approaches for greater resource efficiency in our processes."

Jan Eschke, director of energy and environmental management at Worlee Chemie, Germany

Sustainability workshop

Software for greater sustainability

Are you looking for an off-the-shelf software that can help to boost both your productivity and sustainability?

Based on our methodical and extensive expertise, we've developed Umberto product family for just that purpose.


ifu Expert News

Monthly whitepaper, best practice examples etc. on sustainable production

Making sustainability measureable with ifu Hamburg

The topic of sustainability becomes more and more important. Our team consists of experts for ecological sustainability, in order to support companies to achieve a sustainable development. We support you in introducing a sustainability management or strengthen an already existent one. In our customized sustainability workshop we discuss your sustainability goals in a cross-departmental setting.

Would you like to use the results internally for optimization or shall the results be published in a sustainability report? Do you complete your goals by increase resource efficiency, calculate a carbon footprint or to conduct complete Life Cycle Assessment? Together with you we find the right answers to these questions and enable you to achieve your sustainability goals. We accompany you along the way - from the conceptual phase until the creation of a measurement catalog to realize the optimization potential.