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LCA consulting for clients

Do you know your products' environmental impacts from cradle to grave?

Life Cycle Assessments, or LCAs for short, are used to analyze the environmental impact of products, processes, and services over the entire life cycle of a product. 

An LCA analyzes the resources used and emissions caused from resource extraction to production processes to waste disposal in order to assess the overall environmental impact.

Would you like to discuss how you can calculate your LCA? Our LCA consulting team looks forward to meeting you!

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) consulting

Advantages of Life Cycle Assessments at a glance

Utilize this powerful tool to improve your environmental balance sheet. A systematic Life Cycle Assessment gives you many advantages:

  • Process optimization: Reduce costs and risks. Find and analyze environmental weak links more easily and identify optimization potentials.
  • Transparency: Gain a better understanding of your company's environmental impact, both for products and processes.
  • Better decision-making: Make informed choices regarding the potential environmental impacts when choosing between several product and process options.
  • Convincing arguments: Take advantage of scientific methodology and become more convincing in your internal and external communication.
  • Improved image: Demonstrate a sense of environmental responsibility by reducing your company's environmental impact.

Would you like to do business more efficiently? We offer a variety of ways to help you calculate LCAs for your products, processes, and services so you can make the most of our know-how.

From workshops and specialized trainings to individual LCA analyses to software and data applications, our customized support can help you meet your individual needs - right on target.

Introductary workshop

During our LCA workshop, we will jointly develop a customized strategy for your LCAs and environmental management plans right at your business location. We'll help you gain an essential understanding of your systems and identify hot spots through graphically visualization of your entire system.

Our LCA know-how, your gain

    • We'll calculate an LCA for you: Based on your parameters, we'll work out a standardized LCA according to ISO 14040/44, comparative or non-comparative
    • Generate an LCA through team effort: We'll help you with a specific LCA project and generate the necessary knowledge transfer. As a result, you'll be able to calculate your own LCAs in the future!
    • Getting the right data: Close your data gaps. We provide support for basic data acquisition, modeling and literature reviews. We use the ecoinvent and GaBi data bases.
    • Special LCA training:  In-house, public, or online training sessions covering LCAs, LCI data bases, and the practical generation of LCAs with our popular Umberto software – simply sign up for one of our many training offers.

    Reach your goal quicker and easier. Would you like to learn more about our LCA consulting services?

    Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
    LCA Rebecca LeBlanc

    Our customer Rebecca LeBlanc says:

    "As a consultant, I have an extremely high level of appreciation for the knowledgeable and responsive service of the ifu-Team. Their outstanding support for our existing LCA projects and their willingness to participate in pre-sales meetings is invaluable to our business. Our clients know they are receiving exemplary service well above and beyond what is customary in the field."

    Rebecca LeBlanc, LCA expert adviser to Strategic Sustainability Consultants (SSC), USA

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    Software for your LCA needs

    Are you looking for an off-the-shelf software for generating LCAs? Based on our methodical and extensive expertise, we've developed the software Umberto LCA+ for just that purpose.

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    Generate reliable LCAs with ifu Hamburg

    What is a Life Cycle Assessment?

    All products, processes, and services have an environmental impact. A Life Cycle Assessment (or LCA) quantifies those impacts using an integrated perspective through all stages of a product's life cycle. The DIN EN ISO 14040/44 standard describes the phases of an LCA as follows: After analyzing and quantifying all relevant material flows to generate a life cycle inventory (LCI) analysis, the effects of the environmental impacts are then calculated during the life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) phase. System boundaries are defined to not only look at the manufacturing process itself, but also to include all pre- and post production processes. This is because everything during the entire life cycle of your product has an impact on the environment, from the amount of raw materials used to all the emissions generated by, for example, production, transportation, and waste disposal.

    Goals of an LCA

    An LCA can serve many different goals, from meeting environmental bench marks to early consideration of environmental consequences during the design and planning stage of a product or process. This allows businesses to use LCAs as a reliable support tool when investigating various product or process alternatives.
    As an integrated part of your environmental management system, LCAs demonstrate your environmental stewardship and guarantee transparent communication of your results. We will enable you to generate LCAs on your own by helping you to fill any knowledge gaps and by supporting you with our know-how all along the way. If desired, we can also simply generate an LCA for you. You provide the scope of the assessment as well as all relevant parameters for input and output – we'll take care of the rest. That way you'll save both time and resources to satisfy your LCA needs!