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Protect the climate with carbon footprints

More than ever, protecting the climate has taken center stage in the public's mind. Essentially, all the  underlying concepts for addressing those concerns, such as carbon footprint, CO2 or carbon balance, have the same goal: to figure out how much an individual product, service or business contributes to anthropogenic climate change.
We'll help you to calculate your carbon footprint and to then reap economic benefits from climate-saving products and processes that:

    • lower costs
    • increase sales
    • boost your corporate image
    • minimize risks

    Would you like to discuss how you can lower your carbon footprint?

    Protect the climate with carbon footprints

    Here’s how we can help you calculate your carbon footprint now

    Take advantage of our know-how and experience in carbon footprinting. We realize the entire project management, but also offer a wide range of integrated services designed to help you develop the necessary know-how for determining the carbon footprints of your products and services, including:

    • needs assessment and training, in-house or at our Hamburg offices
    • modeling carbon footprints of your product, service or company
    • data collection and data research
    • online support and on-demand assistance

    Sustainability workshop: lowering carbon footprints through team effort

    Taking place at your business, this workshop will take a closer look at your present carbon footprint and we'll jointly develop strategies for how to best reduce the carbon footprint of your products or business.

    Our know-how, your gain

    • Carbon footprints – let us do the work: Do you require a simple or comparative study? Should it be based on ISO, PAS or GHG standards? Should it include a review or not? We'll find the best solution and calculate a carbon footprint for you.
    • Carbon footprints – learn to do it yourself: Build in-house expertise for determining carbon footprints on your own. We'll support you in realizing a specific project, develop strategies for data collection, or offer in-house training on methods and software use. Make the most of our vast know-how.
    • Work the data: Learn how to choose the right data sets for calculating greenhouse gas emissions or how to effectively close any data gaps. Benefit from our organizational talent.
      We are always happy to provide individual consultations about carbon footprints.
    • Special training: Whether you want to close a gap in your knowledge or learn how to use the full power of our software to calculate carbon footprints – simply sign up for one of our many training offers.

    We are always happy to provide individual consultations about carbon footprints.

    Our know-how, your gain
    Our customer Victor Vladimirov says:

    Our customer Victor Vladimirov says:

    "Ifu Hamburg GmbH offers top consulting services, and gives me much more than ‘just the results’. I like the sense of familiarity that working with a small company provides. I can get in touch at any time and rely on always getting a quick answer. This saves me a lot of time, money, and nerves. I have recommended ifu Hamburg to several close business contacts and will do so again in the future!”

    Victor Vladimirov, Environmental and Energy Management, HOBAS Engineering GmbH, Austria

    Software for carbon footprints and environmental evaluations

    Software for carbon footprints and environmental evaluations

    Are you looking for an off-the-shelf software for climate and environmental balances? Based on our methodical and extensive expertise, we've developed the software Umberto LCA+ for just that purpose.

    ifu Expert News

    Monthly whitepaper, best practice examples etc. on sustainable production

    Carbon footprint reduction with ifu Hamburg

    What is a carbon footprint?

    Carbon Footprints are usually calculated eiher for products or companies. The results are given in carbon dioxide equivalents, hence the name carbon or CO2 footprint. Besides to carbon dioxide, the considered greenhouse gases include methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) as well as additional groups of fluorinated hydrocarbons.

    A product carbon footpritn sums up the emitted greenhouse gases over the whole life cycle. Similar to making an LCA, the life cycle includes the whole value chain, starting from rressource extraction over production and use to end-of-life of the product.

    A corporate carbon footprint (CCF) is calculated to determine the climate impact caused by a company or other organisation. The analysis usually starts at the manufacturing facility. Depending on scope, direct and indirect emissions are considered. The latter are caused for example by purchased materials or disposal of waste. An easy way to look at these effects is with the help of gobal warming potential (GWP) data, i.e. all the greenhouse gas emissions released during the production and supply of all the materials used for a particular product.

    To determine your carbon footprint you need the right data

    Knowing your carbon footprint supports the decision-making process in many ways, whether in the search for savings or in achieving climate neutrality through, for example, off-sets. But there is one thing in common: only when the right data base is used will you reach your climate goal.

    ifu hamburg offers the tools and know-how to calculate carbon footprints for your products or business. You decide which form of climate balancing is important to your success and which of the established standards you'd like to follow - ISO 14067, the GHG protocol, or PAS 2050. We'll provide customized support for your individual needs and answer all your questions about carbon footprints along the way, or we can compile your carbon footprints for a possible certification. We can also help you become more familiar with the issue of greenhouse gas emissions when you attend one of our methodical trainings and learn from real-life examples how our Umberto software enables you to perform your own calculations according to the quality standards you set. Or let us contribute to your analysis by researching GWP data specifically for your materials consumption. If you already have some experience with determining carbon footprints in your business and are looking for a experienced partner to review your climate balance, we are at your side as an independent consultant.

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