Software & consulting services for a sustainable production

Software & consulting services for a sustainable production

Your goal is to use materials and resources more efficiently and develop environmentally friendly products. Our goal is helping you to achieve this. This way we make a sustainable production possible for every business.

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Productivity meets Sustainability

According to our personal motto “We enable sustainable production. That is our passion!” we're offering consulting and software solutions based on our 25 years of expertise:

  • Resource efficiency / Energy efficiency
  • Carbon footprinting / CO2 balances
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Sustainable supply chains / process optimization



Sharpen your competitive edge by closing loops & recycling waste

The challenge of a circular economy has many facets ranging from business models based on waste-reduction and using recycled and recyclable materials. to designing new products and processes that are waste-free and environmentally compatible from the get-go.  This circular economy challenge is exactly what we've been focusing on for more than 25 years.

Our expertise and cross-sectoral know-how have fueled the development of our standard software solutions Umberto and e!Sankey. Why not also profit from our long and successful experience?

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News from the Blog

News from the Blog

Still uncertain whether e-mobility is the truly sustainable solution? In our new article, we provide insights into a carbon footprint study on electromobility conducted by the ifeu Institute for Energy and Environmental Research. Among others, the article explains where e-cars and combustion engines reach their CO2 break-even: Read the article

Life Cycle Workshop 2019

Life Cycle Workshop 2019

Over 50 participants came together at this year's workshop to exchange ideas and experiences on topics related to the life cycle perspective.
Good news if you weren't there: The presentations of the speakers as well as the video footage of the lectures can now be viewed free of charge on the ► workshop website.

Our solutions for efficiency & sustainability

Sustainability consulting

Sustainability consulting

Our sustainability consulting services are customized to meet the individual needs of our clients. They focus on real world applications and measures that can actually be realized. Our customized solutions are based on a detailed analysis of your present situation and we'll tailor our deliverables to suit your needs and budget. Among our services:

  • Integrated project implementation guided by our team
  • Grow your in-house know-how with individual support at your place of business or with formal training sessions
  • Data research and modeling support
  • An introductory sustainability workshop
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Industrial businesses, consultants, and scientists all over the world use Umberto for material flow management and analysis. Only when you know your business' material and energy flows can you unlock the full potential to optimize products and production processes.

The tools of the Umberto product family help you to:

  • reduce your carbon footprint
  • use LCAs to calculate your environmental impacts
  • increase your resource and energy efficiency
  • decrease your environmental impact, benefiting both the environment and your budget
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Whether you wish to visualize energy flows or materials. Our software e!Sankey lets you create appealing Sankey diagrams that show the flows in an easy-to-understand way. Ideal for:

  • energy management
  • facility management
  • manufacturing
  • logistics
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ifu support hotline:

ifu support hotline:

+49 40 - 480 009 90

Is your business aiming for a more sustainable production? Congratulations - you've taken the first step! We will be more than happy to assist you.

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Practical implementation of circular economy with ifu Hamburg

What is circular economy?

The circular economy concept is focused on reducing resource consumption. In some contexts, this term is limited to the field of waste management, often focusing on recycling quotas, material recyclability, and waste reduction, especially packaging. We like to look at circular economy in a much broader context, though. What we see is an economic system that can function without any waste or residual materials. All materials leaving a production process will either be recyclable and used again in the same process, or serve as a valuable resource in a different process.

Due to the increasing costs for natural resources and the increasing awareness of reducing waste within the entire system, circular economy has become a key factor for enabling a sustainable production system.

Realizing circular economy at the industrial level

We support the vision of a circular economy but are aware of the difficulties that businesses are confronted with when trying to transform their operations. We would like to support businesses in their efforts to integrate a circular economy perspective into all their innovative processes. Part of the process is to create a systematic basis for mid- and long-term planning. Achieving a genuine circular economy across all industries and production systems simultaneously won't be feasible, but it is entirely possible to start improving efficiency within a particular production system step-by-step. This is, of course, still a big challenge, one that begins with a comprehensive understanding of all the material and energy flows involved – not just the waste products. If you'd like to be a leader in implementing these first steps in your business, we're here to support you with our consulting services and software solutions.