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ifu Hamburg calculates Carbon Footprint on behalf of EWE Energy

Carbon Footprint calculation of a roof construction by German company Holzbau Janssen.

According to the signs of the time the German company for woodwork "Janssen Holzbau GmbH" believes in the economic and ecologic advantages of sustainability. Thus, the carbon footprint of a roof construction has been calculated with the focus on possible improvements for the energy management.

The EWE Energie AG initiated this project as they have enlarged their portfolio by several energy analysis services. The ifu Hamburg GmbH calculated the carbon footprint according to PAS 2050 Standard and the more general guidelines of ISO 14040, ISO 14044 for Life Cycle Assessment.

The result demonstrates the ecologic advantage of wood as a building material. But furthermore it is proof for the measurements Holzbau Janssen had already implemented to improve its carbon balance, e. g. usage of climate neutral, eco-friendly electricity, before the current calculation was done. 

Click here for an article by the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (in German).